Latina women, too full of themselves?

Latinas are the best. However as pros. Since many of em work at cdps they may be jaded. I don't do fast houses and that is one of the reasons. The other being I don't want to sit with other hobbyists and the mileage her pussy gets when she works fast houses is too much for me.

That all being said catch a latina at a gfe house it is usually very different. Also I mainly date latinas. They have amazing pussies. I've dated 80% latina and non pro non SB fucked at least 15 latinas.

They are a bit stuck up. But ive been that way too for most of my life. So I can dig it :p
You also have to take perspective into account.

Some of you enjoy the type of experience you get from your ATF and/or GFE providers.

When you meet someone new that does not provide any of that, you may feel like she was a bitch or mechanical.

Some gals and guys just want to take the poison out and be on their way.

Other people like to provide/partake into something more friendly or raunchy. Those are two polar opposites that you'll never get to aling with eachother.
I’ve had some pretty good experiences with latinas, but as you all know it’s usually hit or miss with all of this. I met one named Bella a few years back at the now closed down Centereach spot (where Holly, Rossi, etc were). Massage was a bit mechanical but she was friendly and offered a bbj finish, which was a rarity at that spot. Isabella from that location too, though judging by her features she may have been Filipino or something of that nature. But she was great, I miss her every day lol. There was another Bella there towards the end, met her once and also had a pretty good time.

There was yet another Bella that I saw a total of three times, twice at a spot in Farmingville and once at that newer Lake Grove spot. She advertises as a blonde Columbian. As others mentioned she comes off as reserved but she’s a nice girl, and gives one of the better massages I’ve gotten. Extras on the table with her as well. I see her advertising here and there, seems like she bounces around Suffolk County.

The best for me recently has been Catalina, who I’m pretty sure was reviewed here at some point not too long ago. Great massage, great finish, friendly, and accommodating. Iirc she also advertises as Colombian, and says she’s from Miami so she’s not always around here.

There was also Veronica who did bbj only in Farmingville. She seems to be gone now though. Maybe she saw that half this forum thought she was actually a tranny. Such is life.

All that being said, I absolutely agree that there can be an air of superiority about them. Maybe it is cultural, who knows. Latinas are generally not my type in my personal life, but I do like to sample as many different flavors as I can when it comes to hobbying. Personally I don’t mind unless it’s over the top (aka being a dick). While I’m one of the guys who does enjoy a relaxing massage and a provider that acts like she’s into it, we’re all grownups here. We’re there to get the poison out, and they’re there to take our money. As long as there’s some level of mutual respect I say party on.
I remember that lil chic,she had a really nice ass.
Natalia and Tessa had the two greatest looking asses in the business . That’s why I kept paying to see her, despite the stuck up nasty attitude. That ass looked epic when hitting it from behind.

Young Tessa’s ass was so round and firm, you could bounce a quarter of it and it would hit the ceiling.....