I've Been a Baaaaaad Boy...

This is kind of in between topics so I wasn't quite sure where to write this. If it gets moved, so be it. I know how to find moved posts. ;)

I've been a fairly frequent customer to a couple of particular legit Chinese massage places. One young gal in one place already made it pretty clear that if I wasn't already involved with someone, she'd be tossing her Chinese boyfriend for me in seconds. Very sweet. Another place, I've been adamant about only allowing the boss to work on me. Which is good and bad. Good because she's well trained. Bad because on a busy night that means a lot of interruptions to handle the door and phone.

Anyway, older woman, mid-50s, a little paunch but not in bad shape. Very cute, shows her age as much as any Asian (haha) not to mention she's an exceptional practitioner. It's always been clear that there's no funny business. Not that kinda' place. I don't play games and she doesn't either. Or didn't.

Lately she's gotten a bit frisky and she peeks under the towel more and more. Which is usually a tent because that's just the way I am. At this point I'm still not interested in upping the stakes, I think, but I'm not one to avoid some selfless games either. Last time I was there she cautiously put her fingers to the base of my shaft (which was erect and hard as a fucking rock, as usual) and just from touching it, she shuddered. Game on I guess.

It's not like I would be the first monger ever to turn a legit girl to the dark side.

I often don't keep track of what her days off are, so she sometimes texts me if she hasn't heard from me (and business is slow) and it doesn't bother me at all. In fact I appreciate it. So she texts me. Slow night. I head over. She's only wearing five layers of clothing instead of ten. Hmmm. I get my massage, I get the usual amount of overtime I've come to expect as a loyal customer on a slow day. And things are getting very touchy feely. No customers in the other rooms and the girls are asleep. One is snoring. Before I know it mamasan is dry humping me at the edge of the table, with a towel still covering me and her clothing still on. Not a lap dance, but every time my dick presses into her crack, she's shuddering. Sensitive!

So what the heck. I lay her down, begin a sexy massage and work her up to a couple of good orgasms manually, right through her clothing. Totally enjoy figuring out where her bits are, what gets the most mileage, seeing her periodic semi-objections, her O face and her desperate attempts not to wake up the other girls. I could smell her pussy even through all the clothing. It was great. She was reaching under my towel much of the time and clumsily stroking the one-eyed monster, but not nearly enough to make me cum. I didn't care. I never even tried to reach under her layers.

She gets up and tells me in badly broken English that she hasn't cum in years. Not that she hasn't cum like that but that she just hasn't cum. Maybe something was lost in translation. I don't know. No idea about her marital status. Or visa status for that matter. Not that I'd be going there.

So now I'm wondering where I go with this.

I know I'll get pilloried for saying this here, but I'd hate to imperil access to a really good massage practitioner without any baggage or performance pressures.

But at this rate I may be banging mamasan in a few weeks. And I might end up having to train her! A bit surprising for a MILF, honestly.


If I want to dial it back I'm not even sure how. But I'm not quite sure I wanna dial it back, either. I could care less about clumsy HJs but being the dog that I am, I just can't turn down a potential opportunity for gash or hopefully a willing mouth, even if it's mamasan's.

Or maybe I'm leaping and she doesn't want it to go beyond teasing and playfulness. Which is OK too.
I'd say go for it, you only live once and might as well enjoy it. Dont worry if it's the wrong signals because if a girl doesn't want to she will stop you but if she does she will slowly let you in. My ATF finally did but I'll write about that some other day.
This is my favorite new pass time. Going to a completely legit spot finding a nice girl and gradually getting them to give a sensual massage. Asking them to see me on their day off and closing the deal. So far I've done it twice and I'm working on number three who will be my hottest score if I can pull it off. I made the mistake of telling her I have a steady girlfriend so she's using that as an excuse. My advice ask her to give you a private massage on her day off if she says yes you're in.
Thanks folks for the commentary.

I love the enthusiasm!

The last visit, she was wearing a much less frumpy top made of nicer looking, nicer feeling fabric. And I think she's trying to knock a few pounds off too. LOL.

I think what I really like about what's going on right now is the total lack of pressure in either direction. And yet it reminds me of a good ol' fashioned courtship. I doubt those physical reactions are fake, and the advances are largely hers, so it's kinda' cool to know it's not (all?) about money. I've been afforded a fair amount of access. Certain lines are still clearly drawn but I'm certain those lines will be gradually get pulled back. Not surprisingly, the more revved up I get her, the more those lines fade.

I never thought of focusing on AMPs as a hunting ground. Either way I'm getting a curiously enjoyable thrill out of it. Sometimes it does seem to me it's just all about the hunt. :)
Give her a gift, a girl is a girl and a single flower will open up new possibilities for your experiences. Trust me I have some wicked stories to write about, but now is not the time. Good luck.

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I have had a decent amount of "off the clock" sex with working girls. And I don't mean "freebie" sessions. A lot of these women are very tense/horny after dealing with mongers all day and need some form of release.
I agree with you slinky, I'm currently in that situation as we speak. Everytime I go see my ATF she slowly opens up and the experience gets better and better. But it started by taking that chance and hoping for the best.