How to not get arrested lol

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So as a single good looking dude in his 20s I’ve never been great with the ladies I’ve gotten many dates on tinder but jus not many second dates :( jus don’t want the stress etc with having a gf rn I was chubby when I was younger and jus always had poor social skills( not being able to take hints etc) with the whole Robert Kraft yhinh I’ve been scared shitless to see a escort :( are there anything I should look for when trying to book an appointment? been two a few Amps on Franklin ave and in northern blvd cost 80 for a hj and they’re ugly and jus plain unattractive. I always see ads in places like
699 Dibblee Drive, Westbury, NY 11590 how do Ik it’s not a sting
The stings are few and far between but also it's worth being concerned about them as don't want to get stuck in that at all. OTOH you're being scared can be circular so approach it all practically. As the Mayor says try many of the advertisers here. As well, follow the SA thread here and you many have a lot of fun with that.

More generally... in my 20s I had no game. Girls wouldn't to turn me down but I would shut down and fluster things and it would be worse if they asked me on a date (because I was too stupid to be able to ask them). It took me lot of practice to calm myself down and other things and now I'm being called charming and such. I still feel I have no game I mean certain I'm not smooth talker and such but maybe kind of back off your own dates and try to figure out why no second dates. It took me quite a bit to bump up my social skills. As much as anyone doesn't want to here that you might suck at something not accepting it doesn't help you. And there's this: pussy, hanging with a PYT, enjoying yourself, etc. So, maybe even ask them some of them as at that point not much to loose.
Yankeefan, you really need to read the rules first before posting , never the less starting a new thread. If you read the rules you will realize that you need to contribute to the board before you ask for help.
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