Hookup locations: where to meet with that special someone

Folks, I haven't been posting much recently due to a well deserved break from the hobby but now I am getting back into the game. I was looking through the site to find out about decent places to go and meet with someone if neither party can host. Admittedly a rare occurrence but nonetheless with lines of p4p and non-p4p blurring, something I feel the need for. So I am going to start the list in the hope of getting some of you to contribute as well.

I personally like the Fairfield Inn which allows short-term stays at around 80 bucks for four hours. To be fair, it has been a while since I have been there but anyway.
FWIW, Liberty Inn is located at W 14th St. and 10th Ave.

I've heard they have changed a lot since I used to frequent there regularly. I was thinking of hooking up with a former SW acquaintance so would be interested in going back as long as they don't hassle customers.
I needed a short stay beyond West 125 Street. Since I had wheels, I opted to check out the Jetset Motel in Da Bronx.
$50 for 2 hours. You need to show
ID. It is newer that the Senton and the bathrooms are nicer. Best part is that you are right near Arthur Avenue and all the great Italian restaurants and bakeries .



Go ahead. Try me.
My favorite location was her dorm room! :) That doesn't help here. I'm just bragging. Liberty has been fine for me. La Semana also worked out fine.
So I went to Senton with 'her' and she balked because the place so absolutely nasty......dirty sheets, dirty pillows, freezing no heat, dirty bathrooms, only one porn channel on TV without possibility to change volume or anything else. Good for me, but for NP4P not suitable. Will need to try something else.....

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Did you go for short stay on the first floor at the Senton or overnight upstairs? The rooms on the front of the building are larger and nicer and the rooms upstairs are in better shape than the first floor short stay rooms.
It was room 204 or something like that. Frankly, I wouldn't want my building rats to have to sleep there. Let alone be intimate with someone I barely know. I forgot that Np4P girls need to be 'in the mood' to get it on. Damn...it's been a while....
you can typically find sub $100 rooms (some days less than $50) at decent hotels on kayak (or any search engine). The rates are lower, the later in the day (eve) you check. Downside is you will have to book with a credit card - but I think most hotels will accept cash at checkout and only use the credit card for security so it wont show up on your statement.

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It really depends on the time of year and day of the week with the booking sites like kayak. There were a number of times I looked on a bunch of the sites and there was nothing in Manhattan below $200. Seems like the best bargains on the sites tend to be Sunday nights.
Just went to herald square hotel. Saw it mentioned but here is the info. It's on 31st and it's 75$ for 2 hours. Very clean, typical small nyc hotel room. But I like it because it's a busy street and you can go in and out unnoticed fairly easily. Downside is 2 ID's are required on check in. You and your "guest " lol
I spoke with an old SW acquaintance and she still uses the Liberty mostly due to them offering the best bang for your buck, in her words. A few of the other places mentioned I found to be dirty.