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Being an "indie" can get rather lonely at times and I am looking for an upscale brothel charging minimums of $3-400, similar to the more upscale ones in Vegas, I have heard rumors of some very luxurious establishments in NYC but can't seem to find any...
Although they aren't brothels, strictly speaking.

(I'm sure there are lots of places that fit her description, but they're private. The only one I've even heard of is Mike's -- but I can't get in there or even call them.)


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Based on the recent experience of an aquaintance working girl, you'd be well advised to avoid Mikes. I think Overtures,which is owned and run by woemn now charges $300 and the physical plant is the best I've been to in NYC. I think you need an intro from a client to get employment there.

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The majority of $500 to $600 "striclty incalls" have faded away in recent years. Althogh I do think there's room for a resurgence of the once popular model of "girl in a studio apartment doing incall" that Charlie and Martha used to do well with.

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Originally posted by justlooking
Why do you think it is that they've disappeared?
A) Too much access to high (relatively) quality indies than in previous years.

B) Far fewer guys willing to spend over $500 for 1 hour incalls (same thing that happened to the $1,200/hr agencies).

C) Plant setup and maintenence costs (esp vs risk of loss of setup costs).

D) Hard to be UTR and well known at the same time. Most don't want internet exposure, and the business has shifted an awful lot in the last few years.
I'll go with "A" more than the other reasons combined.

I think the money is still out there... or rather the guys who were willing to part with that kind of money a few years ago are still willing.
But indies don't fill the same need as brothels. Indies can't compete with brothels in terms of convenience/variety.

Are you guys saying that johns have pretty much given up on the idea of spur-of-the-moment unplanned last-minute whoring?

"spur-of-the-moment unplanned last-minute whoring ".....you must not be married!

Married men (I asume if they are like me) MUST plan in advance for their trysts.
The barrier to entry to this biz is so small as to be non-existent. If a reasonable attractive and well-dressed chick worked high-end hotel bars, diligently, I'm sure the $400+ an hour repeat customer is waiting.
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Originally posted by Dondee
Married men (I asume if they are like me) MUST plan in advance for their trysts.
I disagree.

As a married man, I find it much easier to whore on a spur-of-the-moment basis, when I find I have some time, than to plan in advance.

Say I plan something a week in advance, and the night before my wife mentions that she's made some plans for us the next night with friends I really like. What do I do? Say, "Can't make it, dear: I have a prostitution session set up"? And really, I'd probably rather see the friends anyway.

(Which is not to say I ever do much spur-of-the-moment whoring anymore. But that's mainly because it's so expensive relative to what I can get if I plan ahead. I.e., because the quality last-minute market has dried up. So I sacrifice convenience.)
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Originally posted by alterego
I like the anticipation that goes with a session that's planned in advance. I think that's part of the fun.

Ditto. I put a lot of thought into it, especially first sessions, where we're just getting to know each other...
From the consumer side, at least, that anticipation thing (at least with respect to first-time sessions, with someone woman you don't already know) can be a two-edged sword. It can put an AWFUL lot of pressure on the session to be extraordinarily good or else be disappointing, which wouldn't be there if you didn't have time to let all that anticipation build.