Guidelines what not to write to a provider

I just wanted to let you know how extremley disappointed I am. First of all after all times I see you-now you choise to change it up to try and get more money- everytime I've seen you I can go twice in 30 mins and you say it takes 45? I always told you if I go over 30mintues I would leave. Not only has this annoyed me but if you recall like a month ago last time I had an appointment you cancelled on me like 30 minutes before. I know I could write a negative review on ******* but I'm not looking todo that. All I want to say is thanks for the good times and I don't believe I am going to see you any longer after all this.

#1) I have no idea who this person is, as I get tons of emails and unless you refresh my memory, sorry, I will not know who you are.

#2) He was emailing me asking if he could go twice in 30 min never once telling me who he was or that we have ever done this before , or that I even ever saw him. For all I know I had never seen him before and for new people, yes, I will suggest a 45 min appt if they would like to go twice.

#3) I am sure it is not the first time someone cancelled on him nor the last, I am sure if I cancelled I had good reason!

#4) Why even mention about writing a bad review, does he thinks it gives him leverage over me and I am going to be worried he will do it?
I'd be careful about being in the elevator after him, since that is where he probably he went the second time.... like anyone is going to get up and leave after 30 minutes!
What an ass... One of the great things about Kelly is she takes her time, and makes sure you leave happy.

And Kelly, you'll remember me, I'm the one with the 14 inches, and I came 4 times in 30 minutes.
According to Madeleine, she gets the biggest kick (sarcasm) out of those that have written to me, which start off with no introduction what so ever, and just go right for the guns “ Hey, you’re a GFE / PSE right? You will let me CIM or COF right? Maybe a little BBFS?”

Hmmm, sure babe, I can’t wait to suck your wanker, perform contortionist acts with my body, be simply divine to you treating you like a King while I engage in incredibly unsafe* intimate acts with you, aka abc123@wankermail. It would be my divine pleasure to do so.

Really? While yes, it is a business transaction, in my play area of the field, it is much more personal. I’m not meeting you for a 15 minute yank at the super 8. Can you at least give the courtesy to show a little more of who you are before you ask if I will act like your very intimate girlfriend and do things that she won’t even do?

Thank goodness I only get those on very rare occasions, but from what I understand, Madeleine has received some really odd ones, which she does not even bother to forward onto me.

*With COF, because of the membrane of the eye, it is a much more dangerous practice to participate in than CIM. And well BBFS, really, needs no explanation.