Great R&T in Milwaukee?? and review

I have been in Milwaukee for a year, looking for a great r&t. I did find the one listed below by accident. Great massage and a "tantric" happy ending, but nothing to look at, and I did not try any extras. Price was right $80 + $10.00 tip. Anyone else have a great looking r&t with a few extras?

Visit my website at (

Glen Bay Plaza Building (Private Office Studio)

200 W. Silver Spring Drive ****I-43 exit go east on Silver Spring Drive turn left on Lydell Ave at stop lights turn left again into Plaza****

Suite 299 (Ring Doorbell)

Glendale, Wisconsin 53217

Contact: Monette 414-xxx-xxxx

Business Hours: By Appointment Only

Monday -Friday 10am-7pm

Saturday 10am-5pm

Accepting Cash Only

200 W Silver Spring Dr, 53217 google map | yahoo map

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