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I was down in Atlanta on business and I had seen Gabby in my hotel a couple of months ago and I had to see her again. This time I went to her place. Very nice apartment. Very clean nicely decorated in a nice neighborhood. She is around 29 years old. Beautiful Latina. Dirty blonde wavy long hair. You can search her pics with her e-mail address. She is far better looking than her pics. 5'6" tall with a perfect body. nice dd cups, thin waist and an ass to die for. She is also very sweet and great to talk to. I spent two hours with her. We drank some Johnny Walker Blue which got me a nice buzz. We spent a good time talking which I enjoyed ... I imagine if I initiated we could have played in bed earlier. At some point though we kissed ... and then the clothes came off.

This girl to me is amazing looking blonde latinas ... young ones with great bodies ... do it for me. Soon she was giving a fantastic bbbj to get me to attention. We got up on the bed for some CG. Then she hopped off for some more bbbj. That was not working for me ... probably the booze fighting the little blue pill! I rolled her over and I just put Stevie junior between her perfect ass cheeks and after about a minute on that fantastic ass I popped. There was no "insertion" just rubbed it between those great ass cheeks. I left a huge load on her back!

I was probably with her for close to three hours. The damage was 700. for an hour it would have been 400. All worth it in my mind. I actually tried to get another session a couple of days later but she couldn't make it. I will definitely repeat ... and next time I plan on less talk and more play! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. She is in my top 5 of all time.

Slinky - She does not advertise her phone number .. only her e-mail address. I got a pop-up not allowing ".com" in the thread title. She uses that e-mail address in her advertising
I have seen Gabby a couple of times since this last post. She is simply a home run. I think she is better looking in person. The skin is flawless and smooth as silk. Her body is perfectly firm yet soft where it needs to be. The tits are perfection. You simply can't go wrong with her. Very friendly and accommodating. She always has a very nice apartment in a nice neighborhood ... although she does move around a lot. Always a nice kiss upon entering. A great smile and friendly banter. She has a great sense of humor too. Never an awkward silence. I hopped in for a quick shower. The bathroom is always immaculate with soap, mouthwash and everything available. Once I come out she is in bra and panties and ready to play. I should also say that this time she had straight hair. She is constantly changing up her look ... but she is always gorgeous. Started off with some kissing and feeling her perfect body. She then moved down for a perfect bbbj. Always well done. She then hopped on for some cg. I am not very good with covers so I rolled her over and proceeded to daty. Fresh and clean and tasty. Then I had her kiss me as she used her hand on Stevie Jr. Very nice. It's something I like to do as it is intimate and usually does the trick. I wanted to finish so I asked her to lay down on her belly and then just grinded her fantastic butt. That lasted all of 1 or 2 minutes before I emptied out on her back. I cleaned her up and we laid down on the bed together just talking for a few minutes. I excused myself for a shower. Upon leaving got a nice hug and a kiss. She has been this good every single time I have seen her. I think this was #4. I got to Atlanta fairly often. I will definitely see her again! HIghly recommended.