From a beginner for the new guy

I've been on this board as long as I've lurked,as soon as I discovered it I joined and went mongering immediately.
What I've learned thus far in a short 6 months:

1. Pick a user name unlike anything you've ever had anywhere else(I've already stopped posting under my original user name and moved on to a more anonymous one)
2. Just about all photos posted are fake or a few years old.
3. if you want info. then post some ! Dont just ask about a provider go out and try them out and report your own review!
4.Just like anything else you want in life nothing beats word of mouth (or computer keyboard)-read and search reviews and you will save yourself time,$ and aggravation. I know I was ripped off 2 months in and then fell for some fake pics and banged a fat slob a week later(see my reviews on those experiences) So before you ask .....SEARCH
5.I recommend starting off at an AMP ,thats what I did and it was a good way to go as far as I'm concerned. If you can communicate with an AMP girl you can communicate with anyone.
6.The majority of people here are very helpful and have steered me in the right direction.
7. In 6 short months I have gotten laid more than the last 10 years combined.
8. I love MILFS-less drama,less drugs,less nonsense all around.See my reviews
9.Craigslist is starting to make a comeback as far as I can tell -so don't ignore it ,however be prepared for some spam events as you find your way. (recently got great bj from craigslist girl)
10. register a new email separate and apart from your usual one and only respond to non -phone listings with that address.
11.NEVER<EVER GIVE MONEY UP FRONT ie. "give me the money so I can pay for the room" that statement from a provider means you just gave her money and you will not see her after that moment as she runs away with it-see my review
12.If you treat a good provider well they will treat you well
13. My ATF is Mandy in Ronkonkoma
14.DID I mention almost all pictures are fake?? SEE photo verification posts from Utopiaguide members. go out and get some!! Be careful and safe
Awesome Lovelight!!! When I joined I searched for a review of an amp in the neighborhood. Didn't find one so I TOFTT. I don't post much but I am still in search of my ATF. Thanks for the tips and the honesty.
Numbers just don't add up

It's just amazing how many beginners introduce themselves in Utopiaguide and then never post anything . My experience is the more I contribute to this site the more I get in return from the more seasoned members..... Time to step up to the plate and contribute!
contribute your experience

getting answers here is great but contributing provides others with sometimes very helpful yourself a favor if the pot is already boiling don't stir it .....theres enough people that do that on here already. Also when you contribute you may get some good answers yourself that you didn't even ask which can be helpful and eye-opening.Welcome aboard now go out and get laid......please.
One more tidbit for new guys

Recently I reviewed a girl under craigslist section. She will basically do anything you want for 120 or less. Problem is she's addicted to drugs. Some take exception to seeing a girl like this ,generally dirty place ,she smokes,does drugs,BBFS etc. I went to her for one reason a 60 bbjcim/swallow. Now I would never ,ever stick my dick in her,other than her mouth. Thing that's kind of strange is she's like a SW but just in a motel. I know lots of posters on here go out looking for SW"S and expose themselves to greater LE threat being out in the open etc. So I guess when all is said and done I have no regrets seeing as I would probably pay an SW 40 bucks for it in my car. Bottom line is gotta weigh all the options, and ya know what she gives really good bj's better than some 100 bjs Ive gotten,so while I might not go back I'm glad I got it when I did. Not to mention the second time she took it all over her face then started smearing it all over.....quite the sight for 60 bucks!
Another thought going through my beginner mind

post Nemo supply vs. demand.

1. mongers stuck at home
2.providers with little demand
3.prices negotiable
4. should be a heavy supply week once the roads are clear
5.great week to get some
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see my post under Craigslist reviews from past week -Angel. basically sw type in hotel room. she's advertising on CL and BP everyday . she claims to be 24 in ad title and Nassau is in title. For a BJ CIM SWALLOW FOR 60 it is what it is-you could dump it on her face she seemed to enjoy that too
She posts 2 times a day everyday

a little searching on CL she's on there every single day sometimes 2 ads a day-she lists her age as 24 ,doesn't take long to find.
ok guys the ad tonight reads "I'm in the mood"-24 ,it appears under casual encounters feb 11 and is the 7th ad down as of 8 pm.........still cant find it?
I guess I'm no good at searching CL - still can't find ad as of 12 midnight. Looked on CL under casual encounters w4m category. There are 11 entries under Feb 11th - none of them are for a 24 year old or have any of the words (I'm in the mood) either in the title or body of the ad. Would post the 11 entries here, but not sure if that's a "banable" offense - just came off a temporary ban for trying to help someone - don't need another ban, as I use this board for the hobby. Am I in the wrong category or what? Sculptor69
646 629 9083 ,,,,ANgel shes in Manhasset for weeks at a time. reads reviews first in CL section.

Now back to what I wanted to talk about here. Last Night I texted back and forth with 2 different providers ,one UTR and one from CL. Both seemed desperate for action cause of the snowstorm even offered to come to me which wasn't feasible and quite frankly I want to know them or of them through here before they come knocking. So this morning Im expecting the text again and I'm going to negotiate the bbbl at cbj price . I will report how it goes un the proper review location. Based on the ads Ive read the last couple of days the same few chicks are posting and the good regulars are utr from the storm.
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Dear new guys......

The ISO section -heard of it? read the thread description please . Far too many ISO posts all over the place by posters with very little posting history ....just something I noticed that seems to be a trend lately. Lots of lurking and asking ....little or no reviewing....just sayin!
My latest thoughts on mongering

I think I'm taking a serious break from "experimenting" with providers that are unreviewed .
got to get back to my ATF (Mandy) on a regular basis. For you newer members If you want a true GFE in my opinion there is noone better(that I know of) on Long island. Went out looking for some bbbj cim over past two weeks and sure I found it but I'm not really going back again. these chicks are dirty,drug addicted and God knows what else and I've decided they are not for me! Sometimes I have to learn the hard way!
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