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Sonja and Ava Double

These are two seasoned pros who are both exceptional service queens. I have had a handful of sessions with Sonja over the past year but had only seen Ava once in marathon of rotating doubles. I wasn’t sure if I’d try Ava again and declined several opportunities until this week. So glad I gave her another try.

Couple days ago I arrived for an appointment with Muriel. While I was waiting for her I went and used the bathroom and on my exit decided to peek into Anan’s room at the end of the hall. To my surprise Ava and Sonja were both curled up taking a nap. Looked so comfortable I couldn’t help myself and I just crawled In between them and snuggled in. They affectionately started calling me by my nickname at these shops.

After my session with Muriel I decided the double with these two veterans was long overdue. We got the table shower and a great session and they pleaded for me to come back quickly since Ava was heading to China soon. So today two days later I’m back. I had tried three sessions beforehand with other girls and didn’t really have a strong performance in any of the three sessions. Then I got the double lined up for Ava and Sonja.

One hour and forty five minutes of pure bliss. Maybe the most incredible session I’ve enjoyed. I layed on my back hoping for my typical BBBJ from one while the other sits on my face. Instead these experienced temptresses both licked my nipples so softly driving me crazy with delight. A long time passed and they remained locked on my nips. Finally after I was squirming in joy Sonja started petting and stroking my cock so softly. It felt incredible. I was hard and throbbing but let them keep torturing me with anticipation.

Next Ava moved to suck on my balls while Sonja started to suck on my cock. This was unbelievable. So skillful not rushed to go too fast or too hard. Just deliciously enjoying my cock. After awhile Ava came up and let me lick her nipples a little before I had her sit on my face. Sonja kept up with the awesome BBBJ. Ava hovered over me and reached up grabbing her tits and tongue tickling her pussy to her enjoyment.

Finally they let me start fucking! Standing mish with Ava at the corner. Sonja strattled her stuck her tits in my face.

More BBBJ and nipple licking. Then doggy Sonja. Ohh yes. More BBBJ and nipple sucking. Then mish Ava. More BBBJ and nipples than mish Sonja. More BBBJ and nipples than mish Ava. This time Sonja had her tits in my face and I was fucking Ava sucking one of Sonja’s tits and Ava was sucking the other. This kept going as I was picking up my grunting they sensed I was getting close and the dirty talk escalated by both of them. Culminating in a orgasm and me filling the bag and then collapsing on Ava as Sonja climbed on top the pile.

Sensational ending to a nonstop titillating session. We did a standing shower to end and the girls both cleaned me up and then both helped dress me.

I think the result of them working in double is greater than sum of the individuals. They are a great tag team and truly work in tandem to provide maximum enjoyment. Many times in doubles I’m frustrated because I can’t focus on both girls and feel one is kind of left out or that I’m not getting enough value from both. Never had that thought once with these two. And I’ve never been stimulated so well by both girls at the same time. It was quite a highlight real experience from my DDY sessions.

Damage $640 each total $1,280 for 1 hour 45 minutes
Recommend Definitely try together if you can
Repeat Yes once they return from China I’m on board for a repeat
Kylie 360hr + 60tip, BBBJ CIM RIM CG ACG

There are different girls, newer girls at DDY but I keep coming back to Kylie for a reason: she absolutely rocks my shit every time. This was my 9th or 10th session with her and she always finds a way to throw something new into the repertoire. In a hobby filled with chances and disappointments, Kylie has never let me down and just keeps getting better.

Got sent down to her basement room where she greeted me with LFK and a preview BBBJ. Went back upstairs for a table shower where Kylie lathered up and gave one of her best B2B nuru slides ever, which culminated with BBBJ and (at my request) the chance to use her feet. Left a deposit across her legs for round 1.

Toweled off and back downstairs for a lovely massage that gradually crescendoed to teasing and fondling after 10-15 minutes. Kylie rolled me over and treated me to more BBBJ followed by an acrobatic CG and ACG that looked just as good in the mirror. (It really does feel like she gets tighter every time I see her.) Asked her to switch back to BBBJ while I stood at the edge of the bed - the sight of her tiny waist and heart-shaped ass jiggling while her head was bobbing was all I needed to put me over the top for a CIM round 2 finish.

She’s being billed as a sexy student, but she’s very clearly the master - and I have never regretted stopping by her classroom for some tutoring.
Ella 340/hr BBBJ CIM CFS

First time poster, but have been lurking for a bit and certainly not my 1st AMP experience. I saw great reviews for Ella from a few sources and was in the mood for natural big tits, and she did not disappoint.

She has a great GND look, with big perky C's, and a cute bubble butt. The pictures shown are her, but with some filters. She has a great body too, not too skinny but not thick either. If you like perky natural girls, she is incredible.

MMS brought me in and introduced me. She seemed a bit shy but once the door was closed she gave me a bit of an awkward LFK but once we found our way to the shower things were much less shy.

Our hands wandered all over eachother as she suds us both up and then rubbed her body over mine. It wasn't the best TS I've had but solid enough for a tease. We dried off and made our way back to the room.

Once there any shyness was totally gone as she laid me down and gave enthusiastic BBBJ, with a lot of BLS. After a solid 8-10 minutes of that we switch to 69. She keeps her legs up in the air, almost like she wasn't sure if she'd like it. Shortly after, she grabs the raincoat and starts with CG. She's very tight and gave a nice ride, but it was hot and she got exhausted kind of quick.

I flip her over for some great DS. There were mirrors in the room so you can see every angle and she looked great in this position. I think I got her to orgasm here, she was gripping the bed and kept telling me how strong I was. We Mish for a bit and her perky tits bouncing was enough to almost send me over.

I sit down and lose the cover, she does more BBBJ with some hand action and I finally pop CIM. She held her mouth there until I was fully drained. She brings me back to the shower where she cleans us off and do the blue toast.

We had some time left so had a cuddle and chat with a translator. She doesn't speak much English and told me how cute and handsome I was and that she liked my fire crotch lol. I don't normally fall for the flattery but she seemed sincere. Would definitely see her again for her GFE vibes and those perfect perky tits.
Sylph 400 1 hour
This was my first time at this place. Easy set up and location.

for the most part it was a great first experience sylph is pretty much my dream girl she’s a beautiful (albeit) very fake Venezuelan, who speaks little to no English. The positives are that she’s smoking hot, has a beautiful face is nice and short our session was a lot of fun.

Quick standing shower where she rubbed her awesome Probably fake butt and definitely fake boobs against me. Back in the room decent not amazing BBBJ then some CG for a quick round 1 I was very worked up at how hot she was and finished fast. Then she gave me a nice massage very flirty during, after massage some more bbbj DS CG RCg and some every light FIA on her which I loved. But despite her best efforts no round 2 pop got me.

the negative- it’s literally my fantasy to have a beautiful Latina rim me, and despite my best efforts I haven’t been able to find this, when I messaged DDY they said Sylph does that. But she doesn’t. So my search continues. It was weird they’d say she does and she doesn’t because other girls I inquire about they say don’t. I guess I’ll be more specific next time.0
Yvette 340/hr BBBJ/CFS
Went to DDY recently and it was busy! Good for them but I didn't expect such a crowd around lunch time during a weekday. I guess everyone had the same idea. Originally wanted to see Sylph but I didn't read the lineup properly and asked for Ainsley. She wasn't there yet so MMS wasn't taking bookings for her yet and I ended up picking Yvette based on a few reviews which said she was cute.

After the disappointment from Hattie last time, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Yvette does have a cute face, look like her pics, nice teeth and proportional short body. I'd rate her a solid 7/10 when sucking on my cock.

After waiting outside for a bit because someone else was leaving and then waiting a bit more because another monger was going in, I finally made it through the door. Short wait inside and Yvette came to take me to her room which unfortunately was the small one at the end of the hallway. Table shower was taken for a while so we spent the first 10min with a small back massage, making out on the bed and rubbing our bodies together which had me ready to skip the shower entirely. We finally moved on to the TS where she cleaned me up and did a quick suction routine and preview BBBJ.

Went back to the room and got more BBBJ with good eye contact. Turned into 69 for my lunch and finally got the condom on. At that point, we were like 35min into the 1hr session so I figured I wouldn't be able to get 2 pops in that timeframe and tried to pace myself. She got on top for a bit, with nice arching of her back to let me play with her nipples. After a few minutes she moved to ACG which was excellent but a bit too stimulating so I had her slow down. Moved to mish and after a good pounding which didn't last that long cause she can squeeze you inside her pussy I was done in the bag.

She took off the condom and sucked me dry which I appreciated and brought some hot towels for clean up. After a quick leg massage for 5min I was out. Overall good experience, the sex was only ok but that's mostly on me and the time management but would recommend her.
Ruri 340 45 mins dfk bbbj cfs (bbfs is on table of course)

Shop pics are her..just a tiny bit of editing on face.

Another fun sweet and friendly j girl. The usual little bit of english. Cute face, skinny (very important) with some sweet B cups and a very nice ass on her. Look at the ass shop pic and that is it. J girls have some nice booties...not giant but nice. I would say 70% of j girls I bang have a nice ass...maybe higher. In general the teeth have been better too. Her teeth are fine.

I did play with her ass quite a bit but who doesn't like to play a game of grabass???

She has a good dfk, she enjoys my mouth and tongue on those titties. I love small tits. Love em. She has a good BBBJ and let me go at 69 for a bit. Hair up top and shaved on the sides.

Doggy was good and it is nice bending her over, spanking her some. But CG and its variations were where was at. It wasl like in CG which was the start and that super tight pussy and I felt close to the verge here. ACG I was definitely at the tipping point almost. But she took it to RACG just slamming down while I could grope her ass like a true gentleman. yeah, I came like that. We were eventually able to take the condom off.

We laid around and talked a bit and she was actually pretty interesting. Fun girl. Another good j girl experience.
I've visited DDY a few times these past few weeks and finally made an account to do some fast reviews:

Hattie: unfortunately photos were inaccurate even allowing for touchups. She was bubbly but we didn't have a lot of physical chemistry, was too thrown off by the photo difference. Not much English but we were able to get by with some Chinese.

Emiko: this was a good experience! Emiko is the girl in the photos, maybe a little skinnier. Fantastic attitude, enthusiastic. I would see her again.

Ruri: a good experience as well. It started off a little slow and I was initially disappointed, but I think it was because I was there super early and she really opened up. Using the phone translator we ended up chatting and that made things a lot easier. Best massage and table shower of the three, if that's what you're into.


Reign of Terror
I've visited DDY a few times these past few weeks and finally made an account to do some fast reviews:

Hattie: unfortunately photos were inaccurate even allowing for touchups. She was bubbly but we didn't have a lot of physical chemistry, was too thrown off by the photo difference. Not much English but we were able to get by with some Chinese.

Emiko: this was a good experience! Emiko is the girl in the photos, maybe a little skinnier. Fantastic attitude, enthusiastic. I would see her again.

Ruri: a good experience as well. It started off a little slow and I was initially disappointed, but I think it was because I was there super early and she really opened up. Using the phone translator we ended up chatting and that made things a lot easier. Best massage and table shower of the three, if that's what you're into.
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4) what sexual acts were performed
5) if a condom was used
6) where was your load deposited

Yesterday marked the return of Agnes after 10 months in China. Prior to her departure we had developed a wonderful relationship between my cock and her pussy.

I was very surprised and happy to see her back on the schedule. Didn’t take long after finding out and I was there to visit her last night for 3 hours and today for 2 more.

She doesn’t speak much English but I’m learning enough Chinese to pass through without needing a translator for everything.

Agnes has big tits and a big smile. She is very happy and we have an intimate chemistry. I love the expressions and sounds Agnes makes.

Last night I fucked her CFS for about 1:40 straight. She said very good. But it’s her who is very good. That pussy is beautiful, delicious and talented.

Today she said I gave her have an orgasm. She said it was the first time in the shop. I licked that pussy a lot in DATY and we fucked mish, standing mish and standing doggy, but I think she actually came after RCG reversed to ACG and then she was grinding and I was moving her hips.

Agnes is sexy, fun and shares well. She let Celine join us for a double last night one hour and then Celine jumped me before I could leave Agnes room today and Celine ended up getting the cum, when I couldn’t resist and did another half hour.

Damage $340 X 5 Agnes (and $660 for 1.5 Celine).
Recommend Yes
Repeat Yes
BBJ, 69, CIM, CG, Mish, Doggy. I had some time so I called ddy to see if Amber was available, she was beautiful from the photos, so Emily said she said she would be available in an hour so wait nearby. When she greeted me, what I was expecting was a very beautiful girl just as I like them thin with a round butt and firm tits, she greeted me and took me to the room as soon as she closed the door and after saying how long she would be there she undressed and took me I started to dfk very rich I am very intense so I enjoyed it a lot, we went to the quick shower since I don't like to waste a lot of time and be able to enjoy it to the fullest she washed me well a little chat and knelt down for a bbj and yes it is Great to be able to feel those lips licking every centimeter of my friend and my balls, we went to the room and we continued with a lot of DFK for about 10 minutes and she licked it and I enjoyed every subsion I told her I wanted to try it and she climbed onto my face to rub it slowly. I licked and ate the juices. She made a small noise of discomfort, letting me know that she was doing it very hard, so I slowed down. She kept moving and getting wet. Now she was the one making the rhythm and moving hard, and I was already subsiding with her. more intensity until she came, not to brag but I know how to move my tongue haha, so she put the cover on me and we moved on to CG she felt great, very tight, lots of eye contact and started to enjoy those great tits then we changed to DOGGY, it was fascinating Pull on those hips to be able to go deeper. We continued with the msh. I couldn't take any more. I told her I wanted CIM and she said yes. When I was ready, she removed the cover and with more dbj I ended up in her mouth. She spit it out and wiped me off. a little chat and I went home it was great if I would repeat but I have to try a couple of girls that I saw and I liked them too much. damage to my wallet $420 40 tips
HATTIE BBJ, 69, CFS, CG, Mish, Doggy. I called to make an appointment with HATTIE because I saw her in the photos and I loved her, but I was very disappointed hahaha. Well I say it that way because it's not ike the photos but she is pretty, she has very nice natural tits and her work is great, she did it very well. I arrived and he greeted me with a DFK, a lot of tongue and a little BBJ, we went to the quick shower and more DFK and BBJ. When we returned to the room, we went to bed like a couple of boyfriends eager to get started, lots of kisses and like a girlfriend very much in love. Afterwards he got off for BBJ very good without teeth and I was able to grab his head and put him deep inside, he was too excited we went to 69 and wow it was delicious I asked for the bag and we started MISH AND DOGGY the lazy puppy. and she was reaching for her buttocks, I wanted to finish in her mouth, but I couldn't do it since she was writhing from a tremendous orgasm and when I felt her, I couldn't take it anymore and ended up in the bag. She gave me a little bit of massage, and she wanted the 2 pop but well I'm not that young anymore, she tried hard with a lot of BBJ but I just couldn't finish but she cleaned me up and I came out. It was very good to have her comfortable. I would repeat of course yes

Saturday morning woke up and had Celine on my mind. Checked the website and was fearful that she might be off as her picture had slid down the list. Texted the shop to see a lineup and told them I had a taste for Celine. Perfect CiCi sets me up as her first appointment of the day!

I arrive right at opening and Celine was still getting ready. She is so sexy and didn’t need any makeup to satisfy me. Her body is insane and she fills out this little fishnet body dress perfectly and that just has me drooling and actually hard before I even finish getting naked.

Standing Shower and I’m anxious to get to the room. Dry off. Bring Celine to the corner of the bed. She drops to her knees to start a soft slow sensual BBBJ. After a few minutes I gently guide her up to the bed. On with a condom and into standing mish. No lube needed. I stay in this position a long time rotating her legs up down and sometimes pulling her by the arms. She is so gorgeous and her huge boobs are amazing rolling around her chest as my cock penetrates her repeatedly. Her wet pussy is comfortable home for my cock and I keep it inside as much of a session as possible.

Next let her lay back on the pillow and I got up into mish. I love fucking her in mish. My right arm underneath her with my hand on the back of her her neck and left shoulder. Thrusting faster and harder. Her enjoyment is very noticeable. Her body feels amazing underneath as you slide over the top of her.

Some water. A little DATY her pussy is wonderful to eat and then some BBBJ, she’s very good. Cover up for CG and ACG. Her ACG is mind blowing, what incredible body control. Not surprising I mean she is a total athlete and in phenomenal shape. As she rode me CG my hands roamed her tight stomach and up to the big jugs then to her hips and ass.

Did some doggy next with me standing and her kneeling on the middle of the bed with her head down on the bed and her ass up. Then she lifted up and arched that back and I fucked her up on my tippy toes while pulling on her shoulders.

Then we went back for more sweaty mish. Finally I suggested we go to the table shower to cool down. I don’t usually do a table shower and kind of expected she’d just rub her big balloons all over me like everybody else. But oh my she gave me a legit massage that had me moaning in enjoyment. Long time face down and she carefully and methodically massaged my neck, shoulders, back, butt, legs and feet. It was awesome. Then flipped and she continued rubbing my chest while straddling me. Very sexy. Great conclusion to hour 2.

Back to the room to begin hour 3. Cover on. More doggy. This time I’m feeling her body as I’m fucking her and I’m looking at her in person and I’m the mirrors and thinking what a fucking awesome body this chick has. How is she that fit with these perfect big boobs and just great curves.

More mish. Relentless mish. Finally after some very hard work I came in the bag and then stayed inside draining myself of all energy and cum.

Then I just layed on my back sprawled out and relaxed and let her massage my legs while I nearly fell asleep.

Celine is unreal and I’ve finished almost every time with her which is usually very difficult me. She also has great service and stays focused pleasing me the whole time. Never distracted. She genuinely seems happy to see me and it seems like she enjoys the time as much as I do.

Thank you Hong Kong!!!

Damage $380 X 3
Recommend Yes
Repeat Yes
Long time lurker. First time reviewer.

Ella 340 1 hour dfk bbbj cfs

I walk in and Emily takes me to the hallway where Ella is standing. I didn't have to wait. Ella takes me downstairs to her room. Those are her body pics with filtering on the face. She's very pretty and her body is amazing. Not too skinny and she has a flat stomach with a nice ass.

We start off with some LFK. She speaks very little English, but that's not a problem. She helps me undress and then I ask for a shower. We do the blue toast. Then she ties her hair back and gives me a solid preview BBJ.

Back to the room and we continue with BBJ. She's really into BLS and does a great job taking care of my balls. She asks if I want to do 69 and I eagerly say yes. Her pussy is sweet and she's really sensitive down there. Turn back around to put on the cover. She's goes on top and rides me until I give up the first pop.

We take a break and she offers a massage. I need to catch my breath so I say yes. The massage was ok, but I really wanted to taste that pussy again. I stop her after a few minutes and ask her to lay down.

I start snacking on that pussy and slip 2 fingers in. She really starts to enjoy this. Eventually she seizes up and I feel her pussy tightening around my fingers. I go faster and keep licking as she cums. She tells me "you kiss good" and points at her pussy. I go up to her and she starts DFK thanking me for what I just did. Now I'm ready for round 2. Put on the cover and start in missionary. I'm running low on time so I flip to doggy and squeeze out a second pop.

We go for another quick shower to clean up. As I'm putting on my clothes back in the room, she uses the translator app on her phone to ask me if I can write a review. I had such a good time so I couldn't say no. Looking forward to seeing her again.

Yesterday evening I got on the subway after work and texted the mms at DDY. I asked if Kylie was available. This was my 3rd consecutive session with Kylie at DDY and she is always amazing and beautiful. I had to take a 3 week break to take a vacation with my family, but now I'm back to business. She wore a blue and white mini skirt with lace around her ass. It really showed off the round perfection of her ass.

She looked great as always, a little more makeup than usual, but she is naturally pretty and in my opinion does not need makeup. She was happy to see me and started kissing and she gave me a BBBJ and her hands felt great on my cock. Clothes off and jumped off the bed.

She got on the bed and laid down on her belly while I stood there and she sucked my cock. I literally face fucked her and she took it in her mouth really nicely. She let me control the thrusts into her mouth and she used her hands as well. One hand on my staff and the other caressing my balls. I put one leg up on the bed and gradually racked my cock into her mouth, amazing. I wanted to come but also wanted to fuck. She put the rubber on me. I was looking forward to getting into doggy position and we tried that out. We faced the mirror and I loved how she looked at the mirror and directly into my eyes through the mirror with a big smile on her face. She smiled all the time, which I love, always seems happy to please. Doggy position was short as I was feeling it, so I asked to switch to mish. I felt better in this position and she put a pillow under her ass which helped me get inside her with ease and it allowed me to get deeper in. I was loving this position and I pounded her for a while like this, touching her ass while I pounded, so great. I could have come but I prefer ejaculated outside a rummer.

I asked to take the rubber off and she did and I asked her to use her hands. She laid down beside me, side by side, like lovers do and put some lube on my cock and rubbed it in a great way. The wet slippery hands were nice and she used both hands. I moved my ass upwards and spilled it all over myself.

You know that feeling right after you come when it's a little sensitive? What she did with her hands was perfect. She was able to get a 2nd splash of juice out and she massaged my cock in a gentle way after. She is a pro and knows how to handle a cock in a perfect way.

In hindsight, I think I should have CIM when I was face fucking her. That was perfection, great position.

She cleaned up the puddles on my chest and then we took a shower. I loved the smell of the soap. We went back to the room and she gave me a nice rubdown. We kissed goodbye. I went to the park and smoked some pot and watched all the hot girls walk by and every woman that walked by looked fuckable, perhaps because I was in a great mood.

damage 280 HH
Hattie 300 HH

Stopped by and got a full lineup from MMS. Staring at 8 or 9 girls. Quite the experience. Didn't have money for a double and only time for a half hour. Picked Hattie and headed downstairs. Hattie is about 5'4" Nice implants, nice body, long hair with extensions ofc, cute face. She's super affectionate and enthusiastic and vocal though the english is not the best. We made out a bit in the room, she dropped to her knees for a quick suck and taste test then we went to the shower. More kissing. Quick wash and mouth wash. Dropped to her knees to show me how deep she can go. Nice view. We finished, dried off and went to the room. I laid down and she started BBBJ, kissing, nipple licking and then RIM. Asked if I wanted to 69 and I declined. She's not shaved btw, though there's not much there so not an issue. She showed me her DT skills in that position as much as she was able. Then she put on a condom, lots of lube and then did CG which was a nice show. Very vocal. Then asked me if I wanted to get on top. I did mish, then put her legs up to go deep and pile drive. Did a bit more before. Then switched to doggy. Just before I bust, I told her to turn around, I pulled out whipped off the condom and CIM. She recovered from the delivery and then gave me a quick leg massage before a fast rinse off, mouth wash. When I picked, was not expecting $300 for the half, but it was fun and efficient way to release the tension. I like variety, but would see her again.
Hattie 420 hr dfk bbbj cfs 5'5 natural C cups

There is a new pic of her on a golf cart and that is her face with maybe the slightest of touchups. Hattie is a great fuck buddy. As far as being sexually compatible....we just are. She actually seems like she loves to fuck me...which she should... she knows a prime slab of meat when she sees it. If she were a bit cheaper I would potentially weekly her...but yeah, she is pretty and chinese and most importantly in her mid 20s and they are just at a premium.

She is a serious p2p girl...but I've never been able to get in there and I tried.

In the room and strip and we are close to banging....all over each DFK and I am rubbing her pussy telling her I am going to fuck her. Not a lot of english but she speaks strumpet. Shower a lot of the same.

She has a good bbbj and goes for DT attempts... DT is not my thing though. 69 and she top bush and there is a lot of good back and forth. Writing this, I would love to bang her again. She really appreciates my tongue after.

on with the condom, ugh, Cg and man, I can go all out with this girl... this girl I treat like a total slut and she loves it. She has good moans and dirty talk but doesn't overdo it.

Standing mish and yeah, any way I want her legs they go. But every time she finishes me off in standing doggy.... this time I get behind her and same thing. Doggy with her is just a straight ticket to Dumpanut.

We relax and she massages me and lays with me.... then she sucks my dick and gives a serious bbbj that I nut in her mouth five minutes later.
I will say the majority of my hour long sessions are two nuts now. Another shower and out. She is a great fuck. Like if I just want a primal all out fuck I see this girl.