Costa Rica

I am going jan 31 with a couple of friends.We are staying in San Jose for 2 days then we are going to Jaco.I would like to find some young ticas other then in the hotel del rey.Any ideas
I'm hitting up Jaco Beach in early March and staying in a Condo at Hotel Del Mar. I thinks its a little south of the main part of town and all the action. Does anyone have any feedback about this place? I will most certainly hit Hotel Del Rey on the back end and cannot wait.
my friend owns el balcon del mar, if you plan to bring a girl to your room at nigth, make sure to be nice to the security guard, because they are not suppost to let that happened, just be discrete, also, be ready to hear "if you wanted, is $100" I dont know who? but someone told those girls there, to go for that rate and they wont go low, unless you are Brad Pitt or something like that, thats why I go there to just to enjoy the beach, drinks , and some dancing at nights
I stay in the condo hotel del mar for the past 3 years and I will be ther feb2 this year great place nice people.I sometimes go to beatle bar but a lot of bad girls there be carefull if you go
dont worry, if i go to jaco, is to enjoy the beach, the drinks, not to get those sharks, but i already know girls at centerfolds, and they go out during the day, and stuff, i dont like to be looking for company at night at the casinos, is dangerous, and i lived there 8 years,
I just got back from Jaco. Pretty cool town... sorta seedy, but definitely a fun spot to party for a few days. Most of the chicas hang at the Beatle Bar, but they're also at the Monkey Bar trying to be a little more discreet. When i was there last weekend it was a scene mixed with well-to-do spring breakers from the States and young working girls trying to blend. Quite a scene. To me, it was a better spot than Beatle Bar, because you can pretend you are actually picking up a real girl. Anyhow, i saw plenty of 7's and 8's, and even a handful of 9's and 10's. There is no competition trying to get with the hotter chicas and you are literally fighting them off with a stick. The after hour spot is Nacho Daddy's, a few blocks down the road, which is basically a dance club filled with coked up local surfer dudes and chicas looking to finish up the night. All girls will ask for 100 but most will go for 75. There is so much competition among the girls, the less good looking ones will most likely go for 50. One of my nights there, i dragged one back to my place a little before midnight, plowed her good, then went back out to the scene looking for more. I ended up finding another, danced and partied with her at the club and then she spent the night, full GFE with wakeup sex. That is the way to do it in Jaco.

I also hit the legendary Hotel Del Rey. The place is f'ing great. I'll review later.
I had a friend visit the Centerfolds in Jaco. He said their group was told they had to rent a room upstairs in the club, that the girls couldn't leave the club with you. It was $300 for the room (1 Hour) and you need to ask the girl what she charges. Any other info you can give me? We are planning a bachelor party in Jaco in 5 months THX Gene
I was in Jaco CR last year for a few weeks. COVID has hit the locals hard with lack of tourists resulting in lots of unemployment. Street action and lots of drug use out in the open, something I had not witnessed in my previous visits around the CR. Be careful and be smart. I agree with Uniguelyme, Tinder or Badoo are the best options but I would not bring anyone back to my hotel/condo.

Please report back what you find.