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We used to just ban people when they broke the rules. A while back we decided to try out just making them permanently moderated. No one who hasn't broken the rules has been put in moderation.

Lately, people are complaining about being moderated. Most are doing it while continuing to break the rules (like asking certain questions WTF they feel like instead of this section: which is headlined with:"Why was my thread removed? Why was my post deleted? Why this? Why that? NB IF YOU POST ONE OF THESE THREADS ANYWHERE ELSE YOU WILL BE BANNED NO QUESTIONS ASKED." )

All this does is strengthen our belief that you need to continue to be moderated. Don't blame us - you did it to yourself by either not bothering to read the rules, or reading the rules and thinking you'd be cute and come up with some excuse as to why what you were doing didn't violate the rules. Do you know why there are so many rules here? Well, we started with one rule:
Don't be an asshole.

Every single other rule is the result of at least one person doing something which we thought should have been obvious, but they had to push it. So, everybody got a new rule. Example: private messaging went away when someone told a woman not to pay for advertising on the site, and instead pay him to private message members an ad for her.

So just in case the above isn't absolutely crystal clear, the surest way to insure that you will continue to be moderated is being a whiney bitch about not getting banned for breaking rules.
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Ok, so I'm not trying to be a whiney bitch, in fact I don't think I've whined about anything and I try to play by the rules. I had a few post deleted lately and haven't complained, but I've not been clear as to why they were deleted because I really didn't think I broke any rules, but I didn't complain or post anything in the Why was .. thread. But since you brought this up here, I will just explain what happened and I hope this will not earn me a ban. This past week on Tuesday, in the Centereach bodyrub thread, @Hollander posted that a particular provider appeared to be gone. The next day, I saw an ad posted by that particular provider. I posted something along the lines of "FYI she has an ad up today." I didn't mention the ad site, as that would clearly violate the rules. I just thought I'd post some useful information that this provider who was though to be gone appears to be back. Within minutes my post was deleted. Yet the very next day, @billyS posts, "she posted yesterday." The exact same info I had posted, only a day later. That post is still up. I don't understand why my post was deleted. I'm trying to be a good contributing member of the community, but something like that really makes me feel like my participation is not welcome and I fail to understand why. I always try not to be an asshole and I'm not trying to be one now, but I just don't see what was wrong with my post, especially in light of the later post by billyS.
I deleted your post. This explains it perfectly, so no need for me to say it. (Although this wasn't directly in response to your query above, it did appear on the board recently, so you should have - or at least could have - seen it and known what you did was improper.)
Not sure if you wanted an answer but here is one. I was once called out as a shill for angelababy years ago for posting her return to long island. Believe the thread got closed down over the post. It's in our rules.
0) No self posting.
0.1) No ad posting.
0.2) No promotional posting.
0.3) No public service posting which just happens to let folks know where, when, etc. you'll be available.

Seems pretty promotional (0.2) letting others know details of schedule, deaths in family, etc almost like advertisers (both amps and indie advertisers post this type of info )
Not being an a$$hole here but rather responding to your inquiry.
As far as the difference between billy's post and yours, his was after the fact so I decided to leave his post alone. But now that I see that Hollander had posted a current (at the time) announcement, I deleted billy's comment and Hollander's comment.
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Ok, I accept your judgment. In the context of the conversation, I didn't realize I was running afoul of the rules, I was just trying to be helpful as it seemed that others were disappointed that this provider might be gone. I have no stake in it at all, and I'm sorry that my post was unacceptable. I do appreciate the explanation.
I would like to formally complain that there is too much complaining about the complaining of moderation.

Let the civilians complain. It's human nature. They are your precious rules, live by them. :cool:

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Today there were 37 posts in the moderation queue. 8 made it through, 29 got deleted. Read the rules / don't read the rules. But if you don't want to think about what posts aren't going to make it through, don't be surprised when yours don't. And remember the moderators are human, so after they see you post a bunch of stuff which you shouldn't have don't expect them to carefully read every word of subsequent posts to see if they are worthwhile rather than just seeing them as more crap clogging up the queue.
If your post doesn't add anything meaningful to the discussion you should think twice about why it needs posting, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE IN MODERATION.