Chapter Six: Miss Argentina...

Francielia... My Miss Argentina Runner Up

(And my first ATF)

It was during this time of fast housing and street walkers, when I found myself with a bit more expendable income, and I was growing tired and bored with quick blow jobs in the car, the skeevy flea infested beds and the constant threats of LE, that I began my search for other forms of adult entertainment. It was then that I discovered the existence of places like Wiley's and Pennywhistle’s. The original "hands-on" lap dance places. This would become my new source of relief.

I played around in the low end strip club scene for a few years and came up with mixed results. The women were often hotter and fresher than the street or quickie joints, and the mileage was somewhat better on a whole, but it was far from a sure thing and often that I'd end up getting none. I'd still become a semi regular at Wiley's for a couple of years and my "prostitute" days seemed to be over. But on a cold night in 1991 all that changed....

I was over at Wiley's one night, after I’d grown so tired of the quickie house fifteen minute routine, especially after my great one (Franciellia) had come and gone and no girl I could find in those places would ever compare to her in looks not to even mention service. So I’d usually go over to Wiley's when I struck out at finding an open house or found nothing to my liking on any of the strolls, in search some better or slightly higher end entertainment. While the dancers at Wiley's were nothing special compared to more mainstream strip clubs, they did allow full contact and extra’s similar to places like the Harmony. It was at Wiley's where the prospect of offering women money to meet me outside the club finally started to appeal to me. On those few occasions when I found someone I liked I’d tip her some fives while most were tipping singles, buy them a drink or two and try and negotiate a fair price of about $100-150 for an hour or two of fun, but I either came up empty, or was unable to find someone willing to meet right away or after work.

Then one night I entered the place as usual around midnight when the place was usually hopping the most and as I walked along the length of the bar and focused on the stage thru the smoke and dim lights, I was shocked to the point where I was virtually paralyzed upon seeing Franceilia standing up on the stage dancing and shaking her fabulous tits and ass off. She spotted me as I stepped down the two steps and approached the stage and smiled… Had she remembered me? After a few quick words she most definitely had. She leaned down and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and not only that but she said she’d dance for me as soon as she left the stage. I grabbed a seat ordered a beer and waited for her to come my way. Like in the quickie house she walked past all the other guys waiting for her and sat in my lap.

She greeted me this time with a quick kiss on the lips before tossing her long hair around so as to cover our faces from prying eyes before laying a long and sensuous French kiss that curled my toes. I bought her a drink and enjoyed the ten minutes she stayed on my lap. Due to others complaining about taking up all her time she left and tended to other business but she returned to me and we left the lap dance pit and walked over to the bar. There we talked more thru two drinks and made arraignments to met up outside after she got off work. She said we could go to a motel and agreed on $150 for two hours at the nearest motel.

At the motel that night where we finally had the time to make one another more comfortable, she worshiped me like never before. She kissed me endlessly and gave me my most thorough commercial bareback blowjob, and did it in its entirety without a condom. That was a complete first for me. The few times I was with her before were rather short and uninspired compared to this. Upon our second or third time together in consecutive weekends she did that fantastic blowjob to completion... another first for me.

From that point on for the next few months we had a regular thing going. Every weekend I’d walk into Wiley's shortly before closing (around 2:30am) and let her tease me on the stage and in my lap before heading off to a hotel and fuck our brains out. On one such night when I entered she appeared to be a bit more “lit up” than on previous nights and when she came over to say hello she kissed me long and hard in front of everyone to see. Once we were outside after closing she said she was so hot that she couldn’t wait to get to the motel and that she had some drinks and some pot back at her place right up the block. So we walked, actually more like ran to her apartment, and once there it was like no commercial experience. We made out on her couch for close to an hour, she showed me her scrapbook and some South American magazines which included pictures of her from a few years earlier when she was an actual runner up in the Miss Argentina Pageant. And yet here she was in all her glory jerking me off on her couch while we were manually stimulating and teasing each other. Finally when she’d had enough she pulled her clothes off faster than I could focus on her rock hard body and pulled me to her bedroom as I stripped the whole way. This time started like the rest except that on this occasion neither of us even thought of looking for a condom when the time came for one. That night was a night of several commercial firsts. My first time performing oral on a prostitute, bbfs, followed by two rounds of greek. In all I fucked her four or five times, I must have come a half dozen times before we both passed out.. and. I didn’t leave her apartment until shortly before noon. I gave her $250 which was everything I had on me and she was more than happy with that. After that night things played out much the same and I usually gave her $300 for the four or five hours we’d spend together, either at her place or a motel when her female roommate was home.

It was around this time that I wasn’t involved with a regular girlfriend nor working at a job I was torn over leaving, when a close friend of mine who had moved out to Southern California a few years earlier had called and invited me to come out and stay with him for a few months. He had his own video distribution company and he worked primarily with some of the smaller up and coming porn producers.. He was somewhat entrenched in that industry and the offer of helping him out and the thought of all the luscious women that he said were just waiting was more than I could refuse. So “I was going to California with an aching in my heart”…. That aching being that I had to leave Francielia back in NY. I gave her one last bang about a week before I was to leave and I never saw or heard from her again. She was all but a memory and all that remains is the review I posted of one of our nights together that turned out to be my initial entrance into JAG.

It was these experiences with Francielia that eventually led me to the internet whore boards years later as I searched for the perfect replacement for her.
Great stories Ozzy.

I have read only partly this section, saving the pleasure of reading for the times when I can enjoy it the most.

I read tonight, one by one, all your six stories and honestly I hope that you will find the time to go on.

Almost everyone's story of how they got into this hobby is worth reading, but by preceding yours with those childhood or early youth memories and their subsequent echos in the later years made all this a great read.

And then Franciellia is the top of the top. I wonder if she too is telling somewhere and to someone her story with you. These stories come always in two versions, one for each participants and some sometimes both of them are worth reading or listening to.

Saying farewell when things are hot, could be heartbreaking but it sows the seeds for lifelong longing and vivid memories.

Nicely done.
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