Chapter Four: A Walk On The Wild (West) Side...

I Got My Cherry Busted in a Greyhound Parking Lot

(My first commercial sex experience)

My commercial cherry was broken on a warm autumn night in 1984 in a dark parking lot that was closed for the night on Eleventh avenue between 44th & 45th street, right next to the diner and across from the old Greyhound terminal.

It took an accident returning home with some friends from a Jets Monday Night Football game at the Meadowlands to discover this stroll that was mostly unknown to a young twenty year old Ozzy. I jotted the exact location down in my memory and returned about a month later when I was alone and horny.

I had circled the stroll on 11th and 12th avenues between 42nd and 49th streets for about fifteen or twenty minutes waiting for something to catch my eye. I probably saw close to twenty different girls in all shapes, sizes and colors but nothing really caught my attention more so than any of the others. I had several propositions threw my half open window but none I felt the need to take up.

And then out of nowhere there she was…

While I don’t remember her name, she was tall, about 5’8 in her heels, straight blond hair to the shoulders and busty with a nice ass and she wore the typical mid 80’s ho outfit that every guy loved... Silverish skin tight blue spandex pants, platform heels and a white lace top (its fucking incredible that I remember that…. But I do). I sped towards her so as to beat out any of the other pervs whom might have already spotted her. As I pulled up in front of her, and already knowing the price ranges for the girls in that area from talking to a few, I simply told her to get in.

She went thru the normal bullshit routine of asking if I were a cop etc… and then told me it was $20 for a blowjob and sex for $60. Being new at this and $60 being a lot of money for me at that time, I took just the blowjob for twenty. She directed me to this abandoned parking lot and had me pull between two trucks that were parked for the evening. She told me to unbuckle my pants and started by giving me a brief hand job just to get me aroused enough to slip on a condom.

Once the condom was in place, she started sucking, and with enthusiasm, and after a few minutes she must have sensed a little nervousness on my part because she asked if it were my first time to which I acknowledged. So she told me that she was flattered and for the special occasion she said that for an extra $20 that she would climb on top and fuck me and I could play with her tits so as to not be distracted from the surroundings and that it would calm my nerves. I immediately gave her another twenty and my commercial sex life was under way.

I lasted a while due to the conditions and I just wanted to get off and get her out and be on my way home with a smile on my face before any police came. She sensed this and after a few minutes she climbed off and pulled off the condom and went back down on me. I remember freaking out she was blowing me without the condom and came in about ten seconds. She got out and I went to the first place I could to wash up. This was right before aids hit but I was still in a fucking panic.

Up until that time, while I had previously had several sexual experiences and had little problem in obtaining steady pussy… It was that taboo act of purchasing sex from a total stranger that very first time, let alone one so attractive and older and from someone whose name I didn’t even know. It was something that piqued an interest or a hidden demon in me that I knew then from that moment on that I’d have to fulfill again.
It's funny, but this brought back a memory: around the same time, maybe a year or two earlier, I had to pick up a package someone had sent me via Greyhound. When I was leaving the station lugging the package, a cop car drove into the parking lot and, using his megaphone, broke up a commercial "date" in a car. The guy was driving a small sports car, like a Spider. There were almost no other vehicles parked in the lot, so he stood out like a sore thumb. The hooker got out of the car and took off (she was wearing practically nothing). He drove away. I got a good laugh out of the whole thing. I guess that parking lot saw a lot of action.