Chapter Five: My Spanish House Days

Venga a papi, me escoge yo le muestro un tiempo bueno

“Pick me papi and I show you a good time”

(My Spanish (fast) house days and my intro to Latin loving)

So after playing the street walker game on and off for a few of years in the mid to late 80’s and very early 90’s, maybe doing the stroll once or twice every other month or so, and around the time Giuliani started cracking down in that area, I decided that I wanted something a little less risky from an LE point of view. It also was a bit less out of my way and time consuming since it required me to travel into the city late at night and all the way to the west side, only to do battle with the other hundred or so other potential tricks all vying for the same pick of the litter amongst the numerous runts that worked that area.

I was growing progressively dissatisfied with my results in the street, and wanted a bed to fuck in. So once a Hispanic co-worker friend of mine showed me the ropes along Roosevelt ave in Jackson Hts around ’89 or ‘90 and introduced me to a few of the local “card guys” and lookouts, it appeared that I had found a new forum for which to play in.

This new forum would not only remain my playground of choice thru-out the late 80’s – mid 90’s until once again Giuliani policed and this area of Queens virtually right off my map.... But it was a place where I would some years later show interest in early JAG discussions that talked about the Spanish and Asian quickie houses of Queens, like "Interboro" in Brooklyn and "Susan’s" in Flushing, and titty bars like "Wiley's" and "Pennywhistle’s" in Jackson Hts and Astoria. I’d also first meet people like Dogchow, Rufus Moses, Hobbymaster, Pinga, Slinkybender and Snaykee. All who had the same low end places in common with me. But above all that, I would meet my very first ATF during this period.

Her name was Franceilia and she was from Argentina. She was actually a former runner-up in a local Miss Argentina pageant and a cover girl on some Argentinean model magazines. She was 22 when I first met her and this girl was so hot, a 9 even in my book. The first time I saw her she was this well built vision poured into this tiny blue one piece string bikini. You know the type, with the eye patch thong and x-crossed wrap around string that led to two postage stamp size patches to cover her real and most perfect C cups I’d ever seen, ending in a halter type tie around the neck. She was searing 7” platform heels and bouncing all over the room. She had this long dark curly hair like Cher had around that time. That same long curly hair style (like what Shakira sports now) that Bunny Cheryl had and the same style that would remain my weak spot until this very day. Whenever I see even a remotely attractive a girl with that hair type, my heart skips a beat and my knees buckle. Four of my six ATF’s would be gifted with that same curly or wavy hair. All but one would have that same solid thick body type of this girl, similar to a young and very fit J-Lo (mid 90’s), Ashanti, Beyoncee or Shakira. But this one was the first. She was also the one I’d see the longest commercially.

But it almost didn’t happen.

When I first met her my stare pierced right thru her, she noticed this and she danced right over to me ignoring the rest of the men in the room. Me being a gringo and all I guess I stood out like a sore thumb to begin with, but I guess I had this aura about me that showed I wasn’t new to the place or atmosphere and she came right over sat in my lap. She stuck her tongue in my ear and whispered "Venga a papi, me escoge yo le muestro un tiempo bueno" (“pick me papi, I show you a good time”) and before the countless others waiting before me she took my hand and led me to a cubicle at the far end of a long hallway. Picking me before others waiting in line is something that Felicia (‘my wife’) of Episodes would later make a regular practice of doing.

Once in the room this Argentinean beauty worked me like no other ever had. She was the first prostitute to french kiss me as well as being the first to give me an all too brief bare back blowjob. She threw on a condom and fucked with wild abandon for ten minutes till I finished, and when I tipped her $50 upon completion, she said she would to do me again for such a nice tip.

The second time was once again started with a bbbj (something she claimed she provided for very few), followed by a finish on her fantastic tits. I went back two more times that week and saw her again both times with similar results. I stayed with her for about an hour each time, for which I paid the house extra. The thought of asking her to meet me on the outside (commercially) was something I didn't even consider at that time. I was just so happy to have found someone like her in a place like that.

The following week I walked thru the door and she was no where in sight. I asked around about her and they said she was gone. My first ATF, and she was gone forever…. Or so I thought.
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