Careful in Edison mongers!!

(I'm putting this in this BP thread because you can bet your bottom dollar that Edison LE ran their bogus ads there. Hopefully other mongers will see this and use caution.)

A couple of girls have told me they like using hotels in the Raritan Center area of Edison because they feel safe there, both from LE and for their own security. This article doesn't specify where the hotels were in which they conducted the stings but I'd be really cautious at any of them in Edison. There are many hot sheets notels on Rt. 1 so maybe they set up the stings there. Basically just use your gut on this. Also, read the comment section after the article too, you always get some interesting insight there IMO.
(WTF apparantly the link I posted doesnt work so here is the entire article sans the comment section.)

Six men are charged with engaging in prostitution after responding to fake online ad by Edison police
Published: Friday, February 25, 2011, 6:20 PM Updated: Friday, February 25, 2011, 8:05 PM
By Tom Haydon/The Star-Ledger
EDISON — Edison police turned the tables on men responding to online prostitution ads, by having officers post their own ad and waiting for them to respond, police said yesterday.

More than 25 men made telephone calls responding to the ad on Wednesday, and six arrived at a local hotel to meet women who were undercover police officers, said Edison police Sgt. Frank Todd of the department’s Special Operations Group.

Since December, Edison police have arrested 20 people on charges of prostitution and promoting prostitution after they posted advertisements on a website offering sexual services at various Edison locations, Todd said. Several times officers responded to ads and made arrests, he said.

When that failed to deter the prostitution, police tried another tactic. He said the department arranged to work at a local hotel, which he declined to identify, and posted their own ads. Each of the men arrested was charged with engaging in prostitution and was released pending a court hearing.

Arrested were: Ibrahim Ramirez, 26, of Hillside, Faroog Adnan, 26, of Woodbridge, Michael Bostian, 49, of Edison, Norman Chevlin, 49, of Manalapan, and Dzazh Maleh, 27, of Brooklyn, N.Y., and John Philips, 41, of Doylestown, Pa.

“We’re definitely going to be doing this again,” Todd said. "There's been numerous complaints we've been receiving, and they have been coming to the chief's office and the mayor's office."
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Thanks krzys, yeah those busts are scary stuff hate to see someone on here caught in them and first time in a long time that I'm being called a scholar but I'll take it ;)
Paul, Here is a working link for the newspaper article:
Someone also put out a warning ad on BP:
but the numbesr listed might not be all accurate as the sting op numbers. I said that because I was going with a friend to see 1 of the girl with the number ending 6366. The girl was real and we had no problem. I couldn't verify the rest of the numbers in the list though.
When i see these stings on TV, the girls act like cops not hookers. The more you get them to talk, the easier it will be to tell.

Id make sure i question them real well on any new ad but still not commit to sex for a price.

Then perhaps most importantly, if you get to the room and there is an adjoiner-RUN!!!!

is a bad place to look for some goodies now. lots of calls to the offices there & they are getting tired of all the mp's in town. lots of complaining going on. you been warned.
also the cops are fighting and complaining & suing each other left and right and new mayor coming on soon so maybe things will change in the new year. amp city=edison.
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