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So I saw advertising for a place on Roosevelt & 88th Street. I text and got the address. Asked how much and it’s the same price guys. Quotes $80 offer $60 and off to the races. One guy in there was loud when he was cumming . In the room get undress she in clean hands with sanitizer and I set on edge of the table and she start a CBJ. Yes she took off her mask for this task. I had my on the whole time. When I went to pound her she put her mask back on. Got her in doggy with a thumb in her ass and finish in the Bag. I guess hang on the side is gone and now there’s advertising. A few of the gates on the doors was up so I think the others might be open as well.

There’s another place open and didnt have time for both.
Hi Big H, I am new to this site and have read the rules. I wish to be a great contributor here. In your post, you mention seeing advertising for a place. Can you elaborate on where I can look for advertisements of providers. I understand that we can't mention specific websites, (are there any Google searches that I can find out about) but any help that you or other contributors can help me out with would greatly be appreciated. I too enjoy releasing the poison. I have been mongering for the past 15 years usually once or
twice per month. Unfortunately due to being laid off and Covid19 I have not hobbied since end of Feb. Talk about Blue Balls. Be safe out there. Say Hi to Billy and Mr. Bender. Thank you
Stay tuned for lots of wild stories from many years of fun, friends and fiascos.
Hi Julie! I am (was) a long time time customer at your places and Jerry's too. I would like to contact you privately but I can't access your profile to send you a message here. What's the best way to send you a private note?
I was talking to a friend and he said he heard of a club that's (obviously) under the radar and operating during Covid. I'm not looking for this place but was wondering if anyone heard something similar in the City or suburbs. Seems like a big risk if you get caught.

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I am fairly new to this site but figured i would give it a shot ... has anyone seen this provider? just looking to see if she is real.

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