BP Review-Nikki 501-545-0949


When I first saw her ad I was skeptical but I did my due diligence and felt comfortable that this one was legit and the photos were accurate. I decided to see her on friday nite late as the parking in the city is easier at that hour. Anyway I had called her earlier to find out what her donation was and she told me 250/hr 160/HHR. She was not my first choice of the nite but because this other provider had decided to raise her price after she text me a quote and then when I got there she tried to make me wait because she took another john or overbooked. Anyway im glad it happened because everything happens for a reason. So back to the review...... I call her back to see if she is available and of coarse my luck she does not answer so I leave a message to call me when shes free. Few minutes later she calls me back and apologizes for missing my call and tells me she is free. I tell her I am at the cross streets where she said to go and she then gives me the rest of the info. Its a times sq incall and there is a annoying doorman there who will stop you if you dont have a room key. I asked him where the front desk was so I could get a room and he let me thru. I finally get to the room and im faced with the momment of truth. So I knock and hope its the girl in the pic. The door opens and there standing before me is this cute blonde spinner and yes there is no doubt she is indeed the girl in the pic. She greets me with a hug and kiss and leeds me to the bedroom. I was beaming with joy at this point as I have been looking foward to doing a tight little blonde for some time. All the ones I have called prior to this just sounded too jaded on the phone with a bad attitude I never went to see them but this one was so friendly and inviting it just felt right. Anyway I could not contain my joy and was smiling from ear to ear which made her smile as well and ask me " what ?" So I told her it was nice to see she was the actual girl in the pic and that she made me feel really comfortable. Well this leeds to more hugging and some lite kissing. She then stops for a momment and says " before I forget how long did you want to stay for " and I let her know just the half. She then lets me know that as soon as we can get the donation out of the way we can continue on with the session to which I oblige. I lay out the cash on the bed so she can clearly see its the right amount and I start to get undressed. When I turn back around shes lying on the bed in a cute bra and panty set and she invites me over to join her. So I jump on the bed and make my way over to her and we start to explore each others bodies. Im already hard as rock and she gets a cover and starts on a great CBJ. I asked if she does BBBJ to which she said never but we all know how that goes. The CBJ is pretty good and before its too late I tell her im ready. So she gets on top and slides herself down onto me. I am not a big guy but let me tell ya this girl was tight and wet. She starts off with a slow ride and is gently moaning and looks like she is really into it. I reach up with both hands and start to massage her pert boobs with perfectly pink pointy nipples. She has small B cups but they fit her petite frame perfectly. I hope she stays natural because a boob job would just look over the top on her. After a few minutes of this I pull her down close to me and start driving it up from under her. I start getting close to popping so I switch her over to mish and then doggy. While I was thrusting my way to the finish line she kept getting more vocal in ryhthm with me which just put me over the edge. She kept pushing back on me as I climaxed till she milked every drop out. I then pulled out slowly and collapsed on the bed and just layed there for a few. She turned and looked at me and asked if I was ok which brought on a chuckle. I said im more then OK now and rolled out of bed and went to get cleaned up. We chit chatted a bit after then a hug and kiss I was on my way. Great girl with a good attitude I would repeat and already have as I write this. I was debating if I wanted to share this one but since she is leaving in a few days and I wont be able to see her again till shes gone here it is. Take care guys and safe hobbying.

Ohh the second time was even better !!!