Asian BP girls-Forget them!!

I had maybe a 50/50 chance on getting what I expected. I used to live in NYC and it was such a hit and miss. Since I moved back to NNJ I have been getting more of what I wanted. Hopefully I can keep the streak going.
I do have to tell you that BP does work and you get some gems, but the real issue is that you get 1 gem to 10 dogs. So when you work the averages you are basically screwed.

My thing is that I like to visit some Latina house where I go when I want a sureshot service but they are far and a long drive, when I don't have the time I supplement BP. There have been some real good finds but lately so much of scammers I just don't want to use BP.

BP in the outer burrows & NJ is a lot less quality and the prices are not a lot different. Asians are the biggest scammer and they ALWAYS LIE about age, I have stopped seeing asian providers. I had had some very nice and good Latin talent, occasionally white girls.

I once had this gorgeous white girl who advertised as she was cheking into the hotel in NYC. I met her in the lobby and I could not believe my eyes, she was also so much GFE, she aaid that she was new and just trying it out during collage vacation.

She got a lot of career advice about business school etc a smart girl. Another time I say this Latin girl, really beautiful and after i finishes she said she wanted me to give her DANTY and said thats the only way she can cum and that she was done for the day...

It took me a good 45 minutes of blowing her to make her cum and one of my most memorable moments in mongering.

So you do get struck by lightening on BP

So sometimes you do get struck by lightening on BP
if u call an asian and the price is $160-then they are part of the fraud ring that has 22 y.o. girls in pics but 38-55 y.o. at the Hotels. In Flushing the price will be $120 and they usually are better than the 160 ring by a few years- Still 5s and 6s at best