Ashley 631-623-2919 Deer Park Long Island

moderator: this is my first time posting and I’m not sure if I posted in the right place or provided the right information please feel free to move around or change or delete thank you

Ashley advertises on (don't mention ad sites) BJ only. I tried setting up an appointment twice. The first time we texted she asks if I’m LE and what my ethnicity is. then she went silent. The second time I texted she told me to meet at her house. Her advertisement says car fun so I just texted and inquired about the switch And was accused of playing games. At that point I was feeling nervous and did not go through with it.
Covered BJ was quoted at $80. Her pictures look good but can not verify.

Does anyone have experience with this one? I am still curious about her.

Mod note: so the above two questions normally would go in the In Search Of section, however, as this is your first post we wouldn't allow your first post to be a question.

But you seem like you want to contribute, which you did by relaying your experience with her so I'll cut you a break with the understanding that your next post will be a review.
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