Amber 513-212-1494 TOFTT


Back in mid-october, I saw the above ad, and called "amber" and set up a time at my motel, agreed on 200 for the hour. What showed up was nothing like the pix. Much heavier, not much to look at. I should have ended it right there but the little head vetoed the idea of sending her packing. After a little small talk, I handed over the cash. She seemed apprehensive, probably thinking I was LE. She stripped but when I tried to get things started, she resisted saying it was illegal to make contact! Something about Ohio having very strict laws on the books. I thought she was joking and again tried to move things along but I got the Heisman from her. Long story short, she would not put out and made a fuss when I asked for the cash back.

Do yourself a favor and avoid her.