A few mini-reviews

i've been messing around with a bunch of higher end ladies, and decided to give back to the community.

i'll start with bad to good.

indy, doesn't look like the pics at all, should've asked her to leave but whatever. service was eh, cbj, fs. wouldn't repeat.

real pics, but they hide her face which is nice but not stunningly beautiful. very nice personality and great service. bbjnqns/fs. would definitely repeat

pics are real and she is smoking. great service, great attitude but really expensive. bbjnqns/fs, the works. apparently anal is available but not my thing.

UTR porn star
k, i had reservations about posting this because it's really lame not to say exactly who it was. all i can say is that the agency i booked with advertised a utr visiting nyc. called up, found out who it was and saw her. agency was recently busted however so not sure how to get in touch with her again. anyway, it was amazing, but i'm not sure if it was worth the price. dt bbjnqbs/fs.
Thanks.I thought about Paulina and wondered what happened to Adriana since I have not seen her advertise for a while.I've seen some reviews of Paulina which questioned whether she was the girl in the pix and a few claiming they didn't get satisfactory service.I just have been to cheap lately to spring for Adrianna (or other girls in her price range).I've seen a few British girls in her price range who were all knockouts with great service,so I'm not surprised at your assessment of the session.
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