74-A Forsythe Chinatown NYC

Location: C-Town, Forsythe right off Hester, across from park.

Safety: Typical C-Town area. Had to be buzzed in. Walls separate massage tables, don't go all the way to ceiling, accordion door separates booth from hall. OK from LE perspective, safe to put your stuff down.

The place: walked in weekday after work, there were 3--yes, 3-- girls to choose from. Not a homely one in the bunch, but I was there on a senior member's recommendation of Nancy for her massage skills and big tits. Clean enough, standard paper cover on the massage table. Decor is your neo-clsssical brothel style, perfectly charming. Looked to have 4-5 booths.

Money: the rates are posted on the lobby wall. POSTED on the friggin wall! Let's hear it for market transparency! I got the half hour for 25, which she didn't collect up front. She Did try to collect my tip money up front, I politely explained that the tip only comes at the end. Ok, that's settled. I probably tip at the high end, 40 for hj, but for me, it's worth it to insure good service.

Provider: Nancy, about 40, face 7, body 8.5. Slim, regular Asian girl (disclaimer, ratings are very subjective) but cute if you like Chinese girls, however points for big tits. C cups, big by AMP standards, I'm a fan of tits. Lovely girl, took direction fairly well, a few small drawbacks.

Experience: as reported, strong hands, actual massage skills. Nice hj. Downsides: she was turning her head to look at the clock, right from the start (maybe mamasan is raggy?) Started with the "ooh aah you cum" business way too soon. Let me know that her arm was tired after 5 minutes. (Note to providers: isn't a hj easier work than a bj or a fuck and no aftertaste? Get a barbell and do some fucking curls.) Bonus points: full roaming privileges, nursed me, sucked on my nipples (which I found disturbingly erotic,) lots of kissing (no tongue, thank you for that, I know where that mouth has been.) I think she's falling in love with me.
EXTRA bonus points: she put my socks on me, put my shoes on me and tied them. The last time a woman put socks on me was my Mama on the way to Kindergarten, and it was not half as nice. Added extra bonus points: she actually did the fucking bow down after tying my shoes. For the hard of hearing, let me repeat: she actually did the fucking bow down after tying my shoes! I am not shitting you. 40 dollars well spent, My Brother Mongers.

Overall: great experience, high value, Recommended. If she can drop the tired arm shit and learn how to grill a steak I'll fucking marry her.
Nice review. The tying shoes and bowing down thing was typical a number of years back. Every girl did it. For some reason they stopped doing it. It's rare that I get a girl that helps me with my shoes. Heck, I'm lucky if they even give me a drink of water.
I got a bang bang great BBBJ from Lisa. took the 1/2 hour for $25.00. Lisa is about 30, I think, maybe a 6 or 7 out of 10 on AMP scale. Went to room with Lisa who speaks good English and was college educated in China. I removed clothing and got on table, Lisa asked how I'd like massage, I said we can skip massage and get to business. I told her I'd take everything, junior was at attention, and she said you're #1. She removed top, and a nice set of C's were waiting for me, i figured I'd get to the bottom later. She proceeded with a BBBJ, which I really enjoyed; super wet sloppy and deep. I had to make a decision about whether to stay with this or to go for the FS option I asked for at the beginning. I stayed with the BBBJ it was so good and she sucked all the juice out. Then she said or asked who is #1 now! I gave her the $25.00 house and $45.00 for herself, we never discussed $'s before the session; I doubt the lack of funding discussion would happen for everyone here. I have no reservations about repeating with Lisa.
Yo bighard20in--
I intended to go FS with Lisa, but as I told you her BBBJ got in the way of that; next time! You never answered the question about why Susan wasn't going anywhere?
Was there last week, "Way-Way" was the provider, so-so massage (not as bad as I expected, given some reviews), got 50+ minutes, close to an hour and left happy, all for $40/35. Probably won't repeat, justwas in the area and said WTH.
I like the place but at times I'm challenged by the environment; junior doesn't always get excited being here. Being familiar with the girls has its advantages and disadvantages. I feel a little funny choosing to take a girl when she is not the next one up, particularly if there is a girl or two ahead of her that I like a lot as well. They seem to take it in good spirit. I guess it is me feeling the one who was skipped over will not be the same next time she is with me. But I think they try even harder the next time you have them, so in the future you pick them when they are next up, instead of going further down the line. It would be interesting to get the girls take on this.

I just got back from here. Try the new girl named noo noo. She's a hot little number with Good CBJ skills that included balls licking. I'm no slow and easy, but big and hard and she took it like a champ.

BH, saw your post and made a quick b-line to Forsyth. She seems to be in high demand as there was a customer before and immediately after I left. I took 30 minutes and paid 70 in total for a CBJ. She was definitely on point with the ball licking. She did it so much I could feel the saliva coming down my taint lol. During the deed, she was between my feet facing at me so I could watch action. She is pretty, 23 y/o, about 5'1 or two, nice perky b cups or small C and an average build. The massage itself was OK, she isn't shy about climbing on top of you which I like. I did not have a watch on me but I believe I was shorted 5 to 10 minutes but I am somehow OK with it because she put so much effort into her work. One regret is not sticking my fingers into her pussy so I have no idea if it was all natural or shave down there. She just came from China so I am guessing it's the latter. BH, do you care to comment on that? I would definitely recommend and go back to see how she takes it all the way.