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    1. Sophia Belle
      Sophia Belle
      Hope you are doing well. Haven't heard from you lately but want you to know that I am sending you all the positivity I can
    2. Sophia Belle
      Sophia Belle
      I can see all of your comments and others
    3. Banacek
      And it might also be possible that she had access to this feature because of her advertiser status. I should have tested it in my alt. I will the next time I go in there.
      BTW, there is a 420 character count limit in here.
    4. Banacek
      I'm testing this out to see if it still works. One thing I found is that as a mod I was able to see comments on any members profile that was not set to private. But when I looked at profiles from my PerryWhite alt account, i could not see anything. So the good news there is that members will not have any idea that this exists unless they get curious like Sophia did.
    5. Banacek
      So, if I am correct, this is how Sophia figured out the way to backchannel. I didn't know how to reply and told her so. But when I went back to her post in my profile, I saw there was an option to comment. So, I now realize how to do it. But it's just as well that I didn't.
    6. elegantasian
      Hello, please call us on the main line 917 279 3916...ty
    7. elegantasian
      We changed our number you use to contact us
      917 208 3184
    8. woodmany
      This is woodmany and I noticed a post (Northeast Long Island) I made yesterday, locked. Any particular reason? I wanted to follow up with post noting that 140 Route 109 which was connected to 176 Montauk Ave was busted on the weekend and they were shared staff through 859 sunrise. Everyone should be careful.
      1. Slinky Bender
        Slinky Bender
        Try following the rules when posting.
        PS next time you post a 2 year old bust as news you will get an unwanted vacation.
        Sep 24, 2014
      2. woodmany
        I just realized 2012, not 2014. I am sorry. What are the odds of Visiting the place on Montauk Highway, and Writing a post on 9/22/14, searching the Mamasan's (the two girls former boss) affiliated locations and 2 years and 1 day prior "September 21, 2012" there was a bust. I had been there and 859 numerous times since then. I missed seeing the year "12" and my mind entered a "14". I hope you understand.
        Sep 26, 2014
    9. leaddog22
      Good morning. I have a friend who is a hobbyist but doesn't use the computer often so he is not a member. Is it OK for him to join us at the party as he wanted to help with the fundraising...
      Please let me know...
    10. trigeek
      SB would like to bring my good gang bang friend Villy to the party. This guy is a good guy.
      Tri (Smitty)
    11. BobbyDigital88
      How can I change my user name?
    12. justme
      "Slinky Bender is not following you." He's just going in the same direction. Really. Don't worry. Just look ahead and keep moving.
      1. Slinky Bender
        Slinky Bender
        Jun 19, 2014
      2. justme
        You should drop me a line some time. The address I have for you must be long abandoned.
        Jun 20, 2014
    13. MrNY
      Hello :)
      1. Slinky Bender
        Slinky Bender
        Hello back
        Jun 7, 2014
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