What are the odds that she’s actually clean?

Not really trying to throw anyone under the bus of anything like that. But after having my first run in with an std (and taking care of it), it makes me reflect.

I’m never gonna completely quit mongering. I will still see girls that I find incredibly attractive. But I will now and forever bag it for everything. CFS, CBJ etc…. I recently saw that one of my all time favorite girls came out of retirement. Came and visited Long Island for 2-3 days and was then headed back to Arizona. And she gives one of the most passionate enthusiastic bbbjnqns in the game. I couldn’t bring myself to partake with her. Because let’s face it, it would just be disappointing if there was no bbbj or dfk. And I’m never taking that chance again.

My personal opinion is that everyone is going to lie. Escorts , streetwalkers , etc. Or Even mongers on here. Even if no one knows who they are in real life. Whatever their reasoning may be.

So….. When going for that new girl advertising offering bbj, what are the odds she may have something already? What are the odds some of our ATFs have a nasty surprise waiting for us? Especially some of those all time hardcore pros. The ones that may have word “creampie” tied into their professional name title. Have videos of the brothers dumping loads in them.. What are the odds that they’re actually clean? They can tell you whatever you want to hear. “I clean my pussy out after every client”. “ I’m totally clean.. I’ve got paperwork…” and the famous “you’re the only one I do this with… I promise!!!” .

What’s your thoughts??
Cover up fellas fully, it is not worth the risk or stress that comes with it.

I had a run in with std years back and took care of it. definitely not something I would want to go through again.

What many people do not know - some stds can still go undetected in blood std test and you not have any type of symptoms. Doctor can say you are fine, while you still might have std. Mine was discovered by provider. I showed her my recent std test results but she insisted I go see specialist, and she was 100% right.

How did it happened when I never do BBFS and rarely do BBBJ? it’s pointless to try to figure out because doctor said it could have been contracted anytime from few month ago and up to 10 years.

going BB caries very high risk to catch something mainly bc most providers do not get tested, while they have BBFS with strangers on daily bases.

So be smart, do not trust them whatever they say, and cover up for any type of fun
If u don't mind...... how did she discover it....
She probably saw the physical evidence, and depending on the STD, the test may have occurred prior to the detectable concentrations (or during the dormant incubation phase)

Only HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C, CMV (cytomegalovirus), and Herpes simplex virus (HSV) are detectable in blood tests. For the others chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis require a swab for diagnosis, are undetectable in the blood tests
If u don't mind...... how did she discover it....
I do not mind and hopefully this info will help someone here

she saw physical symptoms and was very knowledgeable about it.

it was beyond embarrassing for me but she was cool about it and went on explaining to me as why did not come up in my std blood test. specialist confirmed 100% everything she said

It’s behind me now but my point here is — cover up and be responsible. Many providers and mongers are not familiar enough with stds, and it’s not about treating if you get it — you can be gambling with your overall health if you have other ongoing health conditions.

Be safe!