Upstate? Cooperstown area

For clubs try the Strip Club List. There is a good chance that if there is (are) any club(s) around there, they will be on the list.

As far as services in that area, the chances range anywhere from 0 to minus 0.

However, up in that area, or anywhere in rural NYS, there are always bars around where the locals gather after they have closed the barn for the evening. The chance of finding a 35 to 45 yo gal whose husband has flown the coop is excellent. Buy them a few drinks and they are yours' for the taking.
i think their is a jackie that works out of binghamton. also in albany their is sara. she might travel. she is what i call the gem of the capital district. her info can be found on the tbd ny other area also check here in upstate ny it is void of any real good providers. in my area their is only one. and she is over in orange county
i hope this helps mike