Ts Angie, Bohemia 631-633-4703

The 1st call from him displayed on my phone as FBI NYC office. It was the correct FBI number. The Arrest Warrant was sent via text message from his mobile device. It was a California number.
All numbers can be "spoofed". I don't know the technical details but a number can appear to be anyone. If the FBI kicks in your door it's the FBI. If the FBI texts you that says you have an arrest warrant for breaking the law it's not the FBI.
I’ve seen Angie 3x over the past year or so and enjoyed each visit, each time 150 hh.
She communicates well via text but does confirm on face time. She lives in a pretty busy apartment complex, gives you an address that doesn’t exist but does take you to the general vacinity.

each time we exchange cbj’s and if I last long enough I fuck her too.

she is very passable and open to small talk. Definitely takes care of her self.

will certainly repeat.
Okn here is a review for Angie...
She is in an apartment in Bohemia but also works at show world ....
She is 5fot 6 aboit 130 pounds, amazing body.. These gg hoses wish they had this body. Tan bc she us Dominican, , firm but nice liked a toned gym type gg with a nice set of tits maybee c. Nice shape, butv not overdone.
She is friendly
buta little reserved and not overly friendly but no attitude.
Called, got address, got apartment number when I was in parking lot. no waiting or game.
Entered, place is nice, I think she lived there with a big black bf bc i saw these large sneakers and I was hoping he wasnt home
I never heard or saw him if he was
Went in, to the couch, she was wearing hot negligee and high heels and looked like the hottest bitch to me, better than these sloppy soft hoars that are everywhere IMHO
She gives amazing head, like wtf, so much suction and tightness with her mouth, actually was unbelievable.
Covered btw but it was insane.
She got on top and the me while she was jerking off. Her ass it's great warm and tight
Then I pulled out and she grinded me while on to and rubbed are cock's together as she grinded until we both shot a load.
Hot Sticky cum in my belly and chest
It was different and to me al lot of fun. Not for everyone but if you want an experience and to try... She's so hot and fun.
I'd call her passable, friendly, and no drama
Sounds hot to me! I heard she was really tall. You got her sized up at 5-6.
Is she cut or UC?