Tokyo Therapy 703-532-2000/571-213-7863

Located at 5133 Lee Highway Arlington VA 22207 in a shopping center.

Rang the bell and was led to a room by an average looking Korean MILF that smelled of cigarettes and wearing jeans and a sweater. Figured I'd at least get a passable massage.

Room had a massage table, full ceilings and a door. In walked in, wearing Daisy Dukes and an orange halter top, the Crypt Keeper's grandmother.

I started getting dressed and Grandma Crypt Keeper went to get the MILF that answered the door. The MILF is now wearing a tight flowered dress and you could tell her tits and knees spend a lot of time together.

I asked for my money back and bolted. It was $80 for the hour for those more depraved than I am.