There is no right way to organize your section

Each poster's section will be different here, and ther is no right way or wrong way, except that I think if a poster simply does ONE long thread, some of the concepts presented might get lost. As such, I think each poster should think about how they are going to organize their thoughts into separate threads. You should think of either particular stories or morals or excerpts so that it’s not one long running thing. There should be individual threads for different concepts, or different girls, or different whatever. In other words, some guys will have their threads divided by concept, like “in the end, they are all greedy pigs” (that being the concept, NOT the thread title, please) with different excerpts, but all leading to the same thing. Another guy might have it divided by girl, showing different stuff that one girl put him thru. Another guy might have his divided by personality type: “Boho Intellectuals”, “Good Girls”,”Sluts”… but show things in common amongst them.