The Mind Fuck

I was out West with my guy friend that I had been dating on and off for over a year. We were good friends and he was my fuck buddy--we both knew that we had lots of fun together but our relationship was not the kind to take to the next level. Yet what we had --seemed to work perfectly for the both of us and where we were at that particular point in our own lives.! We always enjoyed each other when we were together and this time we decided that we wanted a third.

We had always done the MF game to each other. You know--the Mind Fuck game! You talk while your having sex about a fantasy and say the wildest things and for some people--well--it can be a big turn on. My friend wanted to bring our mind fuck to reality. I really never had a third except for once with my ex as a Birthday present from me--I had that mentality that instead of cheating on each other--why not bring someone home and we can all play together. BUT there were rules. He was not allowed to kiss her--as kissing just seemed to intimate--I know that sounds weird but when you kiss someone--it just seems to take it too another level. The other rule was that he could not have intercourse with her unless I gave him the sign. I just needed to feel her out and then decide if she was too into him and not me--well If I felt threatened I would not want it to be a go--if she seemed into the both of us--well...then that was a "turn on" and then it would be a green light! We made sure that each other felt the love and that no matter who we were playing with--it was still about us. This way we did not hurt each others feelings. Yes I know a little weird but it did work! We put a lot of thought into it when we finally decided to move forward. These were some of the rules that I proposed to my friend and he was in agreement.

Any way I am out West with my friend and we decide we want a third. I went through CL and found an attractive blonde with a voluptuous body type. She was 33 years young and shorter than me but well put together. She looked cute in her pictures and she had said that she was looking for a couple to play with and that she only played safe. She sounded perfect. After a few emails and a phone call--we had set it up that she would come to the hotel where we were staying that night. She was coming by at 9:00 p.m. So at 7:30 p.m. I jumped in the shower-trimmed the vaj-jay and my friend jumped in to the shower and I trimmed him too! We got out and I lotioned from head to toe. Sprayed a little perfume on the special spots and then slipped on a sexy lace teddy and a pair of red stilettos. I covered up with a short white robe and tied it. Then we both poured ourselves a glass of wine.

The young lady was suppose to call us when she got to the hotel. --9:00p.m. came and went and finally at 9:30 she called and said that she just got out of the shower and that she was on her way. About 20 minutes later she calls again and says that she is down stairs. I gave her the room number and about four minutes later there was a knock at the door. My friend opens the door and in walks a chunkier than her picture blonde with long hair. She was cute but looked a bit different than her picture. I introduced myself and gave her a warm hug and a hello. I asked her if she wanted a bottle of water or preferred a glass of wine. She asked for a glass of wine. Then the three of us sat in the living room. My friend asked her some questions and I asked her if she had a boyfriend or husband. She said she did but he did not know that she was looking for some adventure on the side and that he was from the bible belt and would not approve of them playing with a third. I thought to myself we’ll-that relationship wont last to long. Especially if one is adventurous and the other is not! Anyway we deiced to take our conversation into the bedroom. She asked if she could use the bathroom to change into a sexy outfit that she had brought for us. We said sure and went into the bedroom and lit some candles and put on some music. I pulled out my goody bag with a couple of toys, condoms, and lube and wipes. I had put an extra sheet over the comforter as I do not like sleeping in anyone’s butt crumbs!

Then my friend pulled a chair from the living room into the bedroom and placed it near the edge of the bed and sat down. As she walked out of the bathroom--I disrobed and layed in the bed and watched her walk towards me. She was a short thing--about 5’2 and had a pale complexion, blue eyes and long blonde hair. Her body was not curvaceous like mine--her tits were a nice size and I could see through her lingerie that she had very tiny--like small m&m’s as nipples. They looked like little tiny buttons. She had a small gut and her ass was one of those droopy asses! You know the kind that the ass crack is really long and the butt check is flat and as long as the butt crack. YUCK!

I could see that her kitty kat was shaved but I was not attracted to her at all. I look over to my friend in the chair and he gives me a wink--meaning go ahead play! He was getting excited--so I decided that I would give him his "Mind Fuck" even though I did not feel much of an attraction to her. I watched her climb into the bed with me and I saw that she had on a cute sheer white outfit and a pair of black stilettos--she had a tiny bag in her hand--the size of a small make-up bag. I asked her what was in the bag and she pulled out a couple of toys, condoms and batteries and layed them on the side of the bed. She looked at my friend and smiled. Then turned her head towards me and sat on her knees. She gives me the biggest smile and she starts to slide her hand slowly down my shoulder. I give her a quick once over--my friends know me well-----making sure that there were no bumps on her lips or open sores anywhere near her mouth! LOL! Yes I know--I am hot mess! haha:)

All was good and...Then I sat up and we were both sitting on our knees on the bed looking at each other. She reached towards me and cupped my face with both of her hands, and gently pulled me close. She kissed my lips and I felt the warmth of her lips on mine. She opened her mouth and I felt her massage my tongue against hers as she pulled me even closer to her. She let out a little moan as I wrapped my arms around her. The kiss lasted for what seemed like eternity. I look over at my friend and I see him getting excited and stroking his hard cock. The kissing was definitely turning him on. Then she continued to kiss me and slide her hands down my shoulders and onto my breasts. As she nibbled on my breasts-- she pushed me gently to lay down-- She straddled me and licked my nipples and pulled each nipple out with her mouth and as she licked them they began to swell. She slowly worked her hand down my body. She moaned when she felt how wet I was when she swiftly entered me with her two fingers. As she kissed her way down my stomach with small light kisses and then slowly down to my belly button. She pulled her fingers out and licked them like lolly pops as she tasted my juices and began to run her tongue slowly and lightly down my stomach towards my...

To be continued...
(Sorry guys--there will be a part two--this story is a long one and gets much better!) Sorry for the typos and bad grammar.