Sophia vs Seeking Smash

You're the one who is confused and not following. Let's see if I can help you.

I was giving examples of the underhanded shit that goes on behind the scenes of Utopia Guide these days.

I gave as an example the time @Luckyguy27 (I did not mention him by name above but I am now) set up a SA account to attract the attention of @Seekingsmash7 .

Once they started exchanging emails and pictures the faux girl was given a UG handle by Lucky.
Now Lucky started posting as the girl and started exposing all the bullshit Seeking puts girls thru. Since she was new she was in moderation and I didn't let the posts with the embarrassing pictures of Seeking he had sent her go thru.

But then something about her wording made me suspicious and when I checked her IP and it matched Lucky's.

Now the bullshit got really thick. When I contacted Lucky he gave me a bs story about how she was over his house and using his computer. Long story short, after I called out a few more inconsistency he finally admitted the scam.

The damage to Seeking was somewhat limited and besides multiple girls had already sent me his picture so I already knew he is not the tough guy he promotes himself as.

So I after I hinted at that story above @ItalianBob felt he had to chime in and defend @Luckyguy27 .
I'll let you guys try to figure out why.

My further point was that while I don't believe in outing people, and by outing I mean posting real pictures or posting real names or other identifying personal information;

I don't disagree with @ItalianBob that @Seekingsmash7 posts way to much bullshit about himself, so while he can be quite entertaining, can his information really be trusted?

Just a little inside look at what we deal with as moderators.
Thanks, now that the chain of events that ppl having been referring to is out there, it was helpful. And thanks for catching it; don't think I we should be "outing" ppl - pro or client.