SITE RULES - The Ten ( + ) Commandments (Updated 9/19/2016)

Slinky Bender

The All Powerful Moderator
This Website is for the discussion of certain topics. There has been entirely too much discussion by people looking to disrupt that with discussion and commentary about how the website is run. From here forward, discussion will stay on topic and


There will be no discussion of how the website is being run, who is here, who is not here, choices made by moderators, etc.

Anyone who violates this will be immediately banned, no questions asked and no quarter given.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Go ahead, try your luck.

Slinky Bender

The All Powerful Moderator
Effective immediately there will be no posts about COVID-19/Coronavirus in any threads except where that is the subject of the thread. And since we already have those threads, no one should be starting new ones unless there's a real good reason for a new one as opposed to simply posting in one that already exists.

And if you don't like new rules then stop posting shit which is so obviously against the existing ones, but you force us to spell it out anyway.