Rules For This Section


1)This is a “pre-moderated” section. Posts do not automatically appear, but must be approved by UG Staff before showing up. DO NOT POST MULTPILE TIMES JUST BECAUSE YOUR POST HAS NOT SHOWN UP. POSTING MORE THAN ONCE WILL ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE THAT YOUR POST WILL NEVER SHOW UP.

2) Banner and/or Classified advertisers may make posts as often as they wish in this section. However, we respectfully request that you use some discretion and not overload the section with the same thing over and over again.

3) “Supply side” posters who are not currently paid advertisers who wish to post should contact UG Management BEFORE attempting to post to this section, and in any case will have limited or no access to making advertising oriented posts.

4) ISO/In Search of Posts:
a) There is very little chance that posts such as “ISO, anyone seen her?” Will ever get posted, so don’t bother.
b) We will only post ISO posts from members who have made some form of significant contributions to UG, either by way of donations or reviews. If you plan on putting up and ISO post, take a look at the last time you put up a meaningful review(s), or sent in some $.
c) It will be our sole judgment as to whether or not to post any ISO or answer to it. We reserve the right to exclude any current or former “UG abusers” from profiting from free UG advertising.
d) NEVER, EVER, EVER place an ISO post on UG because you have received some ***** soliciting business from a provider, and passing the solicitation on to UG.
may I make a suggestion?


if you're going to work a la ***, is a bummer, because sometimes we have updates or announcements where time is critical.
That's the reason *** forums or chatrooms sucks...because it takes forever to get your message across.
My suggestion is...leave this section open to us, so we can post in real time....but, every post is under your power of deleting or not IF we're clogging or posting the same thing over and over.
I try to put all my postings in only one thread, which I think is better for whoever is interested in reading it.
Other providers could do the same and if they don't you can use your zapping buttom :)


also, other suggestion for us...advertisers: you can make this a "paid section".... an extra option on the UG advertising package.

So I am a little confused as to whether non-paying "supply-siders" can or cannot post in this section? If they can, what is/isn't allowed?

I only travel to NYC 3-4 times a year, for maybe a week or so at a time. A monthly ad is not very helpful for me in that respect. I'd be happy to purchase a reduced rate "travelling ad" as Erosguide allows, but paying full price for a monthly ad is not ideal.

I read the rules today .......bravo !! lol....about time huh ? lol

I was wondering why my post did not go thru before , now before each post I look to see if any new rules apply

thanks xoxo