Roll Call

Who is a regular hobbier in Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine? Lurker or poster, it doesn't matter. I just want to get an idea of how many of us there are.
A very late reply

I hobby up in Southern NH about once every 3 months or so. I am not on this board often as sadly I'm not in NYC as much as I used to be. I hope I'm not the only one up in NH.
rules of the NY board:

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Let me guess. Why are my posts getting deleted? It's because they are all questions. I will take a little (very little) time to explain a couple of things to you.
1. You, as a new user, are not permitted to ask questions. Invariably they are all going to be stupid questions. You may not think so, but I swear with my right hand on my favorite left breast that it is true. You could have answers to 99.99% of your stupid questions if you would bother to...
2. Search. This community has asked and answered more questions than you might ever imagine. There is a damn good search engine up on the top tool bar if you would bother to learn how to use it.
3. Contribute. FNGs that do not contribute are considered to be selfish little idiots. Just like you. Contribute until it hurts, then contribute some more. After 10 or more of these Kosher posts we can talk again.