Paris 203-572-1516

Seen this ad posted on a popular site a few times, pics and the little video verifications she has in the ads all seem consistent willing to TOFTT but figured I check to see if anyone has already first.
It wasn’t worth reviewing . She won’t let you do anything but she does give a good cbj and then nice missionary . She’s really pretty so nice to look at but sadly won’t let u so much
Please post a review so guys know who to avoid. The point of these items isn't just to highlight great experience but also the crappy ones so people aren't constantly TOFTT on the same crappy ladies. Its a waste of the communities resources. If people shared bad reviews others would see and move on to a different provider to TOFTT and the community would now have more intel on another one. In stead we got zero untel on this check until you happened to read this thread and reply.