My own review

Being this section isn't used much for reviews, can I leave some experiences and questions here?

So I'm a part time rideshare driver. I have a lot of funny stories and also to go with them a lot of blue balls from damn sexy passengers. I got to hook up with one (story in another thread) but so many hot ones have come and gone.
Tonight was the 4th time I've dropped off a "possible" stripper at a club. Like she was going to work. This one was Spanish, barely spoke English. Couldn't explain where she wanted to go. I have about a 25min ride with her and she's chewing gum the whole time, making slurping and sucking noises with it.. wtf...

I get close to the destination and see it's a gentlemans club and now the style of gum chewing makes sense ahahahaha :D

Sometimes the app tells me the destination name sometimes just the address. For the ones when I've seen the name I was practically sweating bullets thinking how I could ask them if they'd want to start work early... Anyone had an experience like this? Even just in general, met a stripper/dancer/whatever and got her to demonstrate her skills? Any advice?