Anyone here using the mobile web app mixxxer?

First off, this is not an advertisement of any kind, I've just had mixed (or should it be mixxxed lol) success, and I'd like to know if anyone else is using it.

For those that don't know what it is, it's basically the 'Tinder for sex'. It's available on mobile web only (Google Play and Apple iTunes won't allow it as an installable app, and accessing the site from a desktop only allows you to sign up for an account). Similar to Tinder, you can view pics and either like/want to meet them or not ("let's shag" being the 'let's meet' option). It's not a dating site, it's specifically for sexual encounters. You start off as a basic/free member, which is limited; you can view profiles and like pics, but you can't 'tease' or send messages (unless you get a mutual match, then you can send a message). When you read the fine print, it does say that they employ 'entertainers'; those are the profiles that talk to you and 'simulate' the type of interactions you can have as a subscribed member. FYI, female members have free access to all features that men have to pay for.

I've been using mixxxer for almost a year now, and I've been a basic/free member the entire time. As a free member, I can't send a message without a mutual match, but I realized that you can get their attention by liking their pics when you view their profile, in which case they're more likely to send you a message first.

Most accounts seem to be fake, or in the least, they use fake pics for privacy concerns. I've had a lot of conversations with women that were very responsive. Some have no problem moving the conversation elsewhere (kik in my case). One in particular (in CT) I got along with so well that we exchanged phone #'s and became facebook friends (ultimately however we haven't met due to distance and schedules). There's another on the east end of LI that I talk to off and on, but we haven't met yet (mainly because of a difference of opinion on pubic hair; she's let's it grow out and prefers hairy men, I shave and prefer shaved women lol). There are many others that I've talked to, and they wanted to meet, but then they either stopped replying suddenly, or their accounts were deleted (I assume these are the 'entertainers'). I've encountered some that just wanted to sext, and even a few 'scammers' too (wanting you to sign up on some verification site with your credit card).

I DID have success with one woman in Oct. She messaged me first, we moved the conversation to kik, and after sending pics back and forth and feeling each other out for a while, we finally met. She's 'under 3 miles' away, mid 20's, black/mixed, very attractive, slim body, tight ass ('white girl booty' as she put it), full breasts. She knew that I'd be getting us a motel room for sex, but she wanted to meet me for a drink first. We ended up not going for a drink, but to a movie instead. There was only one other couple in the theater at the time, and we sat in the back. Even though I knew we were together to hook up, I wasn't going to rush it, so at first we just watched the movie, talking and laughing at jokes. She put her coat back on, I asked if she was cold, she said no I was being distant, so I took that as my cue: I pulled her closer, kissed her neck, ran my hand under her skirt and up her thighs. I started fingering her, I sucked on her breasts, then slipped her panties off and ate her out til she came in my mouth. She starting giving me a hj and wanted to fuck there in the theater, but stupid me left the condoms in the car, so we left for the motel (I fingered her the entire car ride). There, it was all foreplay and fucking for the rest of the night, we had a great time. I didn't really hear from her after that though... we texted each other for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but that was it. She did say when we were first talking that she was looking for a one time thing, so I guess she meant it literally lol. Shame though, because she's close, attractive, and the sex was great, so she would've been a great fuckbuddy/fwb.

After her , it's been back to mostly just talking to women, but not meeting them, trying to sort out the fake ones from the real. You have to be very patient with mixxxer. If it wasn't for the one sexual encounter, I probably would've given up using it by now.

Anyone else using mixxxer?
Figured I'd report another Mixxxer success story for those that may want to give it a try :D

So my last Mixxxer hook up was in October, as detailed in my first post. It's been slow going since then... I bought a store charge card and used it to upgrade for 3 months, so now I can send teases, send messages, and see who's viewed my profile (all features free to female members). I've basically sent messages to any woman "under 30 miles" I deemed fuckable that I've come across so far. I wouldn't be surprised if that was around 100 women by now... but while they all read the message and then view my profile, I've probably only received about 2 replies back, which didn't go anywhere (and mind you, I don't just send generic messages either, each one is unique to who I'm sending it to). It's pretty clear that a lot of the female accounts are fake, but having hooked up once previously though, I've just been patient with it as they ARE on there.

So this morning around 9am, I'm still in bed and receive a message on Mixxxer along the lines of 'I like what I see, want to chat?'. Profile says she's 21, "a few extra pounds", and under 20 miles, but there are no pics. We talk, and she sends me a pic of her breasts (she IS a larger girl, but not large enough to turn me off). We move the conversation to Kik, where we exchange face pics (luckily she's cute!), and she says she's horny and wants to hook up. She mentioned meeting up next week when she gets her car back from the mechanic, but I'll be working all week, so I say 'how about sometime this weekend since I'm off from work, and I'll pick you up?'. So now it's 10am, I'm still in bed, and she says 'can you pick me up around 11am?' (since she has a family BBQ to attend this afternoon, but she's horny now lol). Neither of our places are any good, so she asks if I know of a place to go, and I mention a motel in Westbury that I've been to before (where I always took Ashley lol), and she's ok with that. I ask if she wants to grab something to eat first, but she says 'that's very sweet, but you don't need to treat this like a date, you don't need to feed me before you fuck me lol'. Since she's in Nassau (Seaford area) and it's about a 30 minute drive, I jump in the shower and skip breakfast so I can head out asap. Of course, I'm thinking this is waaaay too easy and I'm probably walking into a scam of some kind, so I leave the wallet and just take my license and enough cash for a room. I text her when I'm on the way and jokingly say "so I'm not about to get robbed right?". She laughs and says no...

I pass her house (since she had asked me to park a few houses down so her family doesn't see me picking her up) and tell her I'm there. It's a VERY nice neighborhood (big expensive houses with immaculate properties), but I'm on the lookout for anything and everything suspicious. I see her approaching, and sure enough, it's the girl in the pics, wearing a nice top and long skirt. She's definitely "a few extra pounds", but pretty cute in person too. She gets in, we head out, and have a nice talk on the way to the motel. Once we're in the room... she wasn't kidding, she was horny as fuck! She was wet before I started, and her pussy kept creaming the entire time I was fingering her, eating her out, and fucking her. This is actually my first time being with a larger woman, but I didn't encounter any of the problems I was expecting (sweaty odor, bad taste, etc). She had nice firm G cups (she loves rough nipple play!), her pussy tasted great, and her orgasms were explosive (she's not a squirter though :rolleyes:). Once we're all finished and cleaning up, I jokingly thanked her for being real, and not a thief lol. She was glad I wasn't catfishing her or anything either... she said she usually brings a concealed knife with her for protection, but she could tell from how I talked while we were messaging that she wouldn't need it. When all was said and done and I dropped her off back home, it turns out that she really was just a horny college girl back for the week looking to get laid... it was a great way to start off the Memorial Day weekend :D
Third Mixxxer story:

Back in August, I came across a profile for a 21 year old woman, "under 30 miles" away. Her profile had a few face pics on it (using the privacy blur filter), but she appeared to be a cute, light skinned black girl. She had her kik name on it, so I sent a message in kik to see where it goes. She replied pretty quickly at first, and we had a good conversation. Turns out that she's Jamaican born, lives in Brookyn, and is looking for an fwb type of situation. We talked daily for a couple of weeks, and when our respective work schedules finally allowed for it, we planned on meeting on a saturday afternoon. We exchanged phone numbers to make communication easier (she only used kik when on wi-fi at home). Now having her phone number, I was able to see some of her social media accounts in my own (snapchat, instagram, facebook), so at least I could tell she was real (or an elaborately thorough catfisher). On the day of the meet however, she never responded to my texts, so I figured it was a bust. As stated in a previous post, Mixxxer employs 'entertainers' to conversate with members in an attempt to get them to sign up for a paid account; they're supposedly real people with real accounts, you'll just never actually meet them. Assuming she was one such 'entertainer', I didn't bother trying to contact her again.

The very next day she messaged me with an apology, saying something came up. I told her that I would have appreciated that being communicated to me at the time, but whatever, it was what it was. After about another week of daily messaging and waiting for a chance to meet up, she just suddenly stopped replying. Fastforward one month later, and she kik's me "hey stranger". Deciding to humor her even though she may be an 'entertainer', I respond and we begin talking again. She said that she was just really busy with work and kept forgetting to get back to me, but she still wants to meet. We resume talking via text instead of kik, and we plan to meet on the upcoming friday (which was yesterday). So thursday evening I ask if she's still free and wants to meet friday, and she says yes. I ask her when and where, and I get no reply. Through the night and into friday morning I still haven't received a reply, so at that point I'm sure that she's 'fake' to some degree, but I text her again in the morning and I get a reply: "sorry, my phone died, but yes I still want to meet today".

She wants to meet at the Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Brooklyn since she has to do some shopping there first. I offer to pick her up close to home and take her there so we can get to know each other on the way. She agrees and gives me a street corner to pick her up at, between 1:30-2p. I live in Suffolk, so the drive is just over an hour to get there. I give her a heads up when I'm 5 minutes away, and she replies that she's still getting ready. I texted her when I arrived at 1:35p. No reply until 1:55p, "I'm coming in a few". She did say between 1:30-2p, so I allowed for some leeway. At 2:20p, I text and ask if she's on the way. Ten minutes later, "sorry, I'm coming".

At this point I'm definitely feeling like I've been tricked or something. Not catfished per se - I think _not_ meeting the person you're catfishing would defeat the purpose of being a catfish, but maybe just messed with or pranked. Sure, it sucks having driven an hour into Brooklyn, and then waiting for that long, but at least it was mid-afternoon and there were plenty of people around, so it's not like someone set me up to be robbed. At 2:45p (now just over an hour since I arrived), I text her "at 3p I'll assume you're not really coming and I'll leave". 3p rolls around and I receive no reply, so I take off and head home. She texts me at 3:15p "you still here?". To which I reply "no I took off assuming I was pranked". She apologizes and I just say "I'm still close but..." (traffic as it was, I hadn't gotten very far in those 15 minutes). She asks me to turn around, and against my better judgement, I do. I ask her to describe what she's wearing, and tell her that if I don't see her, I'm out. Assuming that I'm still being pranked, I head back (again, I hadn't gotten very far, so I figured no harm done with a second attempt). I tell her where I parked, but I don't see her. She says that she's there, but she doesn't see my car. She calls me to ask where I am (first time talking to her on the phone); I was parked in front of a bank, and apparently they have another branch just around the corner, so it turns out that we were at different locations. She says she's walking to where I am, and sure enough, I see her round the corner.

She's the girl in the pictures and social media accounts, so at least I know she's real now. She's 5'5", very slim frame (I want to say she's petite, but I feel like 5'5" is too tall for that), with a Jamaican accent. I wouldn't call her gorgeous or hot, but she's cute. She gets in the car, and I head for Kings Plaza. Seems like neither of us is very good at small talk in person, so there's already an awkward feel in the air. But we arrive at the shopping center, she does what she needs to do, and says "so what's next?"? Previously we had discussed that we'd meet for lunch, then if she was still interested in me, I'd get us a room somewhere, so that's what I tell her. She says that she's not hungry, so we can just go get the room. On the way I ask if she's ever done this kind of thing before. She says that she's only had sex with 2 guys so far, and that I'm the first she's met online. She's also never been to a motel for sex before. Well this should be interesting lol.

So we get to the motel (Atlantic Motor Inn), and get a room (I wanted a jacuzzi room, but their friday rate of $115 for 4 hours is totally unreasonable, so I go for the regular toom at $65). We get to the room and she's like "soooo....". She's totally feeling awkward, she doesn't know what to do. I joke that the jacuzzi would've helped because it's a great way to relax, but kissing is a good way to start. She jumps right into my lap and starts deep french kissing me no problem. Awkward my ass, she knows what she wants lol. Our clothes start to come off. As thin as she is, she actually has a really nice body. She has 34b's and nice tight booty, so both are enough to be a handful. I knew from previous conversations that she doesn't give head (and I quote "it doesn't go in my mouth if it's not food"), and that her two previous 'partners' didn't eat her out; she's an oral virgin. So I lay her down as we're making out, and work down her body. She really responds to breast play; she moaned quite a bit from nipple sucking. After a while I head down and start kissing around her pussy, slowly teasing towards the clit. It was obvious that she was loving that. I wasn't even on the clit yet and she was already moaning and arching her back. So I go for the clit. She was definitely loving it as I moved in and around her pussy. She seemed to be enjoying it so much that I doubt she would've stopped me any time soon, but after what felt like at least 30 minutes of non-stop pussy eating, my tongue and neck needed a break. So I worked a finger in, which seemed to have caught her by surprise, but she couldn't stop moaning as I caressed her g-spot. I was actually trying to see if I could get her to squirt, but I guess she doesn't (or it takes a long time). I go back to some oral, then slip on a condom. I fucked her hard missionary until I came, and after resting for a bit, grabbed condom number 2 and fucked her CG. At that point we were both pretty spent, so we just cuddled while watching TV (she put it on for ambient lighting... randomly chose the Disney channel of all things lol).

Calling it a wrap, we both wash up then get dressed. We're both famished at this point, so we go for something to eat. I wanted to go to a restaurant like Applebee's, but she wanted Wendy's lol. After, I drop her off at the corner I picked her up at, and head home. She texts me later to see if I made it home ok, and says that she had a great time and she wants to do it again soon. While my previous 2 Mixxxer meets turned out to be one time things only, at leasy I'm 3 for 3 on Mixxxer overall :D
Correct, Apple and Google don't allow Mixxxer on their respective stores as a downloadable app. Had you read my first post, you not only would've seen me state this already, but also how Mixxxer can be accessed: it's a mobile web app, meaning you access it from your mobile device's web browser :p
Just as an update, I met up with the girl in Brooklyn for the second time last night; she's on her period so we just made it a dinner date (followed by an extended make out session :)). Looks like I finally found the fwb I've been searching for though! :D

My last fwb attempt (during the end of my time with Ashley) was a miserable failure... she was only 10 minutes away from me, and she wanted to get together ALL of the time. If it had actually been for sex that would've been perfect, but she clearly didn't know what casual/nsa meant, she was definitely looking for some sort of dating commitment from me. Being about an hour's drive away (and both of us working full time), it'll be easier to keep things casual/nsa with the one in Brooklyn. Not to mention the fact that she's (imo) actually very attractive, with a high sex drive. Win-win :p

Ashley ended up being the straw that broke the camel's back; I haven't partaken in any form of P4P since she stole my money... and now I feel better for it :cool: