Megan 805-706-0459

I met Megan in a strip club near Disney. She wasn't working there, but after she pulled up a chair to my table I found out she was "working".

She's about 5'5" short brown hair, petite build. She had on tight fitting slacks and a fitting cow neck sweater. She resembles Paula Patton. We talked for a while and she had recently been laid off as a legal assistant. She put her hand on my knee and the more she talked about her financial problems the further up my leg her hand slid. By the time she was squeezing my dick she told me she would do anything for $1,000. We agreed to 5 hours of "Everything" i got a room at a local motel for $78.

As soon as we got inside she pushed me up against the door and pulled down my pants. She then put my cock in her mouth and started sucking. She didn't stop until I blew a load down her throat.

The next 5 hours are a bit of a blur, but I can tell you she had her tongue further up my asshole than anything which has previously been there, and that she took 4 creampies form me
I’m not one to doubt what happened or question you as I have been sick and out of the game and cannot contribute much so my credit is not built up here but when googling the number it’s linked to LE….I know you said legal assistant she was laid off from but just be careful .

ironically I just got back from that area . Didn’t know there was strip clubs over there. Prob better off for me