Maxim's Lingerie Showroom Springfield MA

I posted this in general new reviews before I realized I could start my own thread. Ah, the POWER!!! I just point my Green Lantern ring, and Shazam!! (sorry for the mixed metaphor).


I haven't tried Maxim's yet, but I visited yesterday to check out the lay of the land (so to speak). The setting is a delightful atmosphere. I felt as though I had walked into a bordello on the set of Pretty Baby, Storyville, New Orleans, 1917 (all that was missing was the spittoon). The 5 women I saw were scantily clad, hot, beautiful, and friendly, sitting around waiting to be taken in back. They introduced themselves, and we had a lovely chat. They tried to get me to stay, but I didn't have enough money with me.

The place has been there for 15 years, yet I've never heard of it. Talk about a low profile, although there were several cars in back, and a man leaving as I was arriving, so the place is busy. I don't want to plunk down my $200 for just a hh strip show.
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Dunno about this place, but there are joints like that in Florida and San Diego. They remain in business for so long because they are strictly legit, and (not coincidentally) a ripoff. Of course this spot may not be like that at all.
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