Love story #2 (ooops, I did it again...)

As noted in the other thread - my situation with K was pretty rough on me. After that, I got super careful, and really just focused on having a good time and not getting entangled. The other thing that happened was an extortion attempt (probably good for another thread) that basically caused me to get out of the game for a time. When I came back, I was GV numbers / fake identities, etc. I had never really worried about giving up my identity. I didn't come out with it, but I didn't really hide it either. Figured that most of these girls had something to lose as well - and why would they try and go fuck me up? I don't do anyone wrong, and I'm not important enough to bother with.

Anyway, it started out harmless enough...May of 2018 make a connection with a girl on SA. We try and make plans to get a drink. Super difficult time getting our schedules in synch - tried for a few weeks to get something going - one of us couldn't make it for one reason or another. Conversation dies in mid-June, picks back up in August, and finally started heating up in October, and we finally get something on the calendar...
October 3, 2018:

We finally meet for a drink - the Bridges bar at the Hilton (53/6) - one of my usual SA meeting spots (at least pre-COVID). I immediately knew I was in trouble. I had almost never vibed so well with someone - spent about 2 hours chatting then had to head home. At that point, the only question was were we going to have chemistry in the bedroom?

Halloween 2018:

We finally "meet"...and have a really nice time. Nothing spectacular, but as we were wrapping up I said "maybe we can meet next week - I'm going to be in the city overnight because I'm going to a basketball game at MSG"...she says something to the effect of "that sounds awesome...I'd love a sleepover"... and so it began.
November 15, 2018:

This was to be our first overnight (first of what would end up to be nearly 100 overnights). I was going to a game at MSG and then she was going to meet me afterward at the W Times Square. That was the night of the freak snowstorm that tied the city in a knot all night. It snowed a ton and by the time I got out of the game it was pouring rain, everything was flooding, and I was soaked like a drowned rat by the time I finished walking to the W from MSG. We were supposed to meet around 11 - and N (just realized I hadn't named her) had been in a cab for an hour by then - the entire city was gridlocked. Offered her the option to skip it and go home - but she really wanted to meet and ultimately made it to the W around 12:30.

I was wiped out, but did my best to perform, etc - and then afterwards she gave me a fantastic massage. Somewhere around 3-4 I woke up and looked over at her...naked, sleeping peacefully face down on the bed, 47th floor of the W - looking out over the city and all of the lights of Times Square - and I knew right then that this one was going to be different. Just didn't know how different.
As we went through the next couple of months, we were having fun, nothing too remarkable, a mix of daytime meetings, after work meetings and some overnights. We talked endlessly, and we had a level of comfort that I have rarely had with anyone. That being said, it still felt like most other arrangements. There was sex, and money, and some other stuff, but there was still sex and money.

January 10, 2019:

We were supposed to see each other earlier that week but I couldn't because my work schedule changed. Then I had to go to Boston for a couple of meetings, and it turns out that she had to go to Boston for her work as well. I suggested that we link up in Beantown since we were both going to be there. Deal.

So on the day (was a Thursday) - I left my house in CT and drove up - and she was taking the train from NYC - she let me know that her schedule was free - her meetings got cancelled but she thought it would be fun to come spend the night with me in Boston anyway. I was pretty surprised that I rated a 3 hour train ride but was like cool - I had booked a great hotel (the Liberty - a luxury hotel which used to be a jail way back in the day - not to be confused with the POS Liberty in NYC) so why not have fun with it.

I had a work dinner - we met up afterwards at the hotel and had an amazing night. Asked her how she was getting home, and suggested that I drive her back as far as near my house and put her on the train to NYC from CT - much cheaper than Amtrak as well. So for the first time in my life I had a SB in my personal car - which is not remarkable to many of you, but I've always had rules/boundaries/etc and that was one of them. But with N, I didn't give it a second thought. And on that ride back to CT, it was obvious that things were starting to change. We talked and talked about everything and anything. I could have kept driving to Florida or California it was so effortless. Dropped her at the train, said our goodbyes, but smiled to myself. That felt different.