Kiri Aril 551-306-9181 Corona Latina

I recently met with this provider and she was great. The pictures online were real. Spanish is her first language and her English is basic. Maybe get the Spanish verbage for what you're down with, before your visit. We exchanged the typical texts and we met at her apartment.

She can get hard, but she's more of a bottom than a top. I worked on her for a while and she did cum a little. That got me excited. Her equipment is a small to average size. She was open to a lot of things and she was very nice. She is a GFE and very giving as a provider. I'll be back!

I caught up with this one about a week or so ago out in Plainview (at that hotel that I find to be super difficult to navigate once you finally get that room number lol). The set up was easy, no hassles. When I arrived she opened the door and she was dressed in black lingerie. She looked pretty good--decent face (mostly feminine, slightly masculine up close). She's quite tall from what I remember, maybe like 5'10", and she was wearing heels, so she was probably hitting about 6". She's very slim and has bolt-on's--probably a C-cup. Marijuana tramp stamp. She doesn't have much ass at all to speak of. Quick LE check then off to the races.

She said that she doesn't kiss. Fair enough. Received a decent CBJ for a bit, then I turned her around to fuck her in the ass doggy. Went in nice and easy, and at moments her butthole tightened up a bit and felt pretty good as I was stroking it. Switched to missionary to get a good look at her face as I was digging her out. She was struggling a bit, but didn't tap out or complain. Slight mess that I was beginning to smell a bit, but it could've been much MUCH worse. Decided to wrap up a bit early instead of reaming her out for a full hour or more lol.

Decent experience, no clock-watching, pleasant demeanor. Not really what I'd call GFE, and nothing special when I think of all of the p4p encounters I've had, but she's certainly not a bad option. $300 admission price (I guess because she's playing an away game going out to LI) .