just a little tounge...

so .. I'm with a civilian .. we are 10 years apart.. via fucbook. Before we madeout- she was telling me about penises jumping out at her in the stockroom. rather adventurous behavior. at least on my scale of perversion.. now on our first date .. she admitted that there was an itch . that needed to be scratched.. and I declined to jump.. Mainly because Im a friend of her older brothers. So because of some "family emergencies" on her end.. we havent seen each other in a month.flash foward to today.. we meet for dinner. I say "can we eat after. " She says " after what.. did you think I was going to go screw for a couple of hours. What do you think, I'm some kind of whore? " And then.. this time we made out.. im pulling her awful bob haircut.. just a little. as I did back in May. Shes totally blocking the tounge.
I admit to you.. a man that seeks to fuck .. That I have eaten a womans ass. while she rests firmly in the middle. of a threesome.. and sucked dicks and tittties in the breakroom. However going to a hotel.. and not staying till checkout.. is whorish and unacceptable.
Im going to cut and run. she knows where I live..