Jen and Lily from CL

Anybody have a review of these two? They usually run several posts a day on CL - their most recent says they are in the 30's between 5th and 6th.



Theres should be a running review on every CL poster. Most of the other threads dont even come close.

Supermodelstouch, anyone?
Real reports on the various Esalen girls?

Im interested in reviews of the massage girls. Will post as I go.

Ive been to the place in the 50's (they post all the time) and they have a spot down on wall street. They post 10 times a day. Now they are posting about poker games too. Its bodyrub, but maybe more could be had.
Best part is they are open late, till 2:00.

Saw Courtney. It was late. She was sick with a cold. Has kind of a stomach. Some guys might like her, but I wasnt feeling it.

Little French asian girl. Tight body. Good attitude. Nothing phenomenal, but Im not complaining.

Brazilian blonde. Tight body, big booty. Tiny tits. Got up on the table and I massaged here everywhere, liberally dosing her cooch with oil before I finger banged her. She absolutely loved it, as clenching her puss and trembling all over. Moaning and pushing her hips back against my finger, looking at me with her mouth half open and a wide smile. Then she sat up, grabbed my pole and delivered expert HR.

Overall, not a bad spot, but definitely not the hottest girls (nowhere near Angela/Lindas - Lana)

Checked out the spot in the 20's right on 23rd and lex. Apartment, 2 girls work at a time. Both were young. One kind of cute, but she was leaving.
The other had huge tits (East European) but a big ass. I passed on it and split. Nice enough place, maybe worth checking out again for $120 a half hour. Might be more to get them naked.

Has anyone seen the girl that advertises only once or twice. Upper East side. $90 and hour. $50 a half. Spoke to her on the phone, she seems young and cool. Peurto Rican and Italian, off of 86th street.

Ive seen almost all the girls at SPICENYC. Saw Gia recently. Kind of a geeky, but hot little Brazilian girl. Dark hair. Tight bod. Small tits.
Fun and friendly, but a bit dorky. Still, she's a keeper. Put her up on the table as well. First on her stomach and started the reach around. Her slit was a little hairy if I remember. She's a young girl, so its only partly shaved.
Worked my oiled hand up there, stroking her from anus to clit with my thumb and forefinger. She lifted her hips to let me in. Flipped her over and slid two fingers up inside here. Lovely little cunt she has. After awhile, she sat up with my hand buried in her muff and stroked me off.

Come on people -
Share some reviews.

Id like to find another RMP, like Angela and Lindas. Maybe a bit cheaper, as $2 hr gets a little pricey.

$100 massage and HR with a hottie. Where can you get it? Garden of Eden is ok (Lindsey and Kara) but get bored with that. Suggestions?
great reviews, my friend! but can you organize them a little better? my head is spinning from all the names dropped.

if you can just post the name of the joint, the ho, and price point, that would be ideal.

thanks in advance, and keep up the good work.

btw, did you tip?