Its been a while...2 years maybe?

Thank you for your response...I think

Yes, I do like the new format very much. It seems the board has made very nice changes. Congrats and best wishes to the UG team. Althought I see some things remain predictably the same. (Shaking head and smiling)
orlando - sort of

I am in lake county north of orlando and there are NO asian massage places -

I have to travel to orlando to get a r/t asian massage

one escort - part time here - slim , black and kooky.
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2021 report lake county . There are at least eight Asian massage parlors here now oh, three or four or legitimate. The one near the turnpike on 301 is R / tea, several on 441 The Villages also R / t. 2can be full service. $90 avg plus!!! Just a tip for you guys if they Windows show large photographs then it's strictly legitimate