Hobbies During The Corona Crunch


Power Bottom
Anyone who thinks MJ isn't the best ever is an amateur. LeBron had to buy his championships. MJ was unrealistic on offense and the best player in the court playing defense. Unlike LeBron, he played both sides of the court.
All you need to do is compare MJ's won-loss record in playoffs vs. Lebron's. Nothing else needs to be said .
Definately Jordan...totally different game back then. Teams had the big man center in the middle and teams actually played defense. To me there is no comparison.Guys didn't buddy up with each other to join the same team to win championships. There were actual dislikes for opposing players and teams.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was the greatest. Even Doctor J. could not beat him one on one. The big guy wasn't the cuddly type or the showman type, but he was great for a long time. No one could stop that sky hook.