Hazel - VegasAsian.club - 702-824-3221

Was in Vegas this week and finally found an opportunity to ditch my family to have a little solo adventure yesterday. There isn't much current info here, but very thankful to @Redrick01 who's Feb post in the "Trip to Vegas" thread - pointed me in the right direction.

I started doing my research and seemed their girl Hazel was a young and very popular choice. 420 for bbfscip. Verification was fairly easy - I called and they texted back - asked me my age, race & occupation and then a picture of id with name (and sensitive info redacted).

I was staying at the Hilton Grand and traffic here has been nuts as Vegas prepares their streets for F1 competition in November. So mamasan offered to have their driver pick me up round trip for $60. I figured it's worth it as it would've probably been that or more for an uber and also save me the anxiety about being late since if I took their driver - my hour begins when I actually arrive.

On their website, the photo they use for Hazel is of the kpop idol Yeji from the group ITZY - and upon meeting her I can see why they used that - she bares a striking resemblance if not even prettier! Def 20s in age, long black hair, tall (5'8") and slender but with perfect curves where it counts. I still have that image of her bubble butt and long legs playing in my mind.

Speaking of bubbles - she has a very bubbly cutesy personality - which she made apparent upon opening the door and greeting me. I'm always a bit nervous when I go somewhere brand new and in cities that I'm not too familiar with so that warm, inviting and playful charm put me at ease almost immediately. I spoke to her in Korean, which she enjoyed and I think also made her feel a little more comfortable as her English is just okay.

In the room we started with a bit of lfk to dfk, told me how handsome I was and asked how much I work out. I'm no spring chicken but it was flattering nonetheless. She brought me to the shower where we lfk a bit more and played with each other as we washed. I gotta tell you - this is the first time I've seen a naturally gorgeous Korean girl this young and fit in the States. She was all natural, head to toe, and really had this hot college girl / kpop idol vibe. Roaming my hands across that perfect body as she played with junior really had me ready to get back to the room.

She dried me up and back in the room she wanted hugs bc she was cold out of the shower. This is where the tongue kissing started to get deeper and more passionate and she had me lay down on the bed. More dfk, then slowly made her way down- licking my nipples, kissing my neck and chest and then finally starting to kiss and lick my cock. Her technique was incredible, a lot of variation to stimulate all the right parts, alternating between the head and going all the way down the shaft.

I didn't want to cum yet, so I had her lay down as I got on top to dfk her and start giving that gorgeous body a tongue bath.
As we were kissing, I was hard as a rock and grinding against her perfectly clean waxed kitty and I guess Hazel couldn't wait, and reached under and guided my cock into her raw, tight and slippery pussy. My God. I havent had pussy this good since living in Korea - and that includes all the girls I've seen at the premium Japanese clubs here.

Her long legs wrapped around my waist and I could see her curling her pretty toes in the mirror with every deep thrust. 5 min of that and almost blew my load inside her right there but pulled out as I wanted the fun to continue. I really wanted to taste her clean kitty, so I started kissing her again from her mouth, down her neck, breasts and tummy and finally spread her legs wide to start swirling my tongue around her clit. She tasted so fresh and clean and I couldn't taste any lube when i probed my tongue deep inside her, so Hazel was naturally this wet which made me even harder. I grabbed her by the ankles to lift her butt up a little bc I just had to eat that perfect pink little asshole. She winced a bit at first but then she started to moan and play with her pussy as I did that.

I had her shift to doggy and put my cock back inside, gripping her hips to pull her into me. When I felt I was getting close again, I pulled out and started really going to town and licking her ass. It tasted sweet and smelled so good, I'm getting hard again just thinking about it as im writing this. I licked and probed into her ass with my tongue which made her squirm and I could see her again tightly curling her toes and gripping the sheets.

She then had me on my back again and started sucking me before mounting me cg. She rode for a bit, and started sucking my fingers which drove me mad, then transitioned into a crouching position so really bounce on my cock with my fingers still in her mouth. Jesus Christ that was hot.

We were starting to run out of time with less than 15 minutes left and all this edging had me throbbing and excited to cum in that pussy. But we had one last stop before that. Hazel had gorgeous feet. They were clean, and cute, perfectly proportionate to her height and smooth and soft. As I started to pound her Mish holding her by her ankles, I brought her legs together and started to kiss then lick her soles. She was a bit ticklish and laughed so I started to slowly suck her toes one by one as I fucked her. For fellow feet people, I went sensual with it, my tongue slipping between her toes as I sucked them and she seemed to enjoy it. I would alternate between feet, and I could see her starting to really blush as I think maybe this was a newish experience for her. Her face was so gorgeous, I had to dfk as I was about to cum with her legs and feet dangling over my shoulders (my favorite way to finish)

I was stealth about it tho, bc it stated clearly she doesn't do msog and this girl was hot enough that I knew I'd still be hard enough to blow a second load in her mouth. I quietly blew my first load inside her, as my tongue swirled deeply around hers - and with just 7 min to go, I went back to sucking her toes which fortified my hardness. I then had her dfk me for 5 min straight as I played with her pussy and jerked myself off and when I was about to blow my second load I told her "I want to cum in your mouth" and she happily obliged...she went down deep on junior as I shot rope after rope into her throat. I swear to God I started to have uncontrollable convulsions as I came and she didn't stop sucking until I was completely drained and lay still.

She spit it out and let it all dribble down my cock, which she then continued jerking me to make sure I was fully tapped out as she kissed me deeply again.

Again, as far as the USA goes, this may well have been my best session - with the hottest provider, and an au naturel one to boot, maybe ever. We went back to shower and it was exactly as playful and loving as it was when we went in. Got dressed. Kissed and chatted and kissed some more as I waited for notification that my driver was here. A little more dfk at the door and I was off. Ngl I am tempted to go back today or tomorrow but afraid it might not be in the cards.

Hazel literally let me indulge in every last fetish I've been wanting to act out, and actually seemed to enjoy it. The session was so hot I literally jerked off and made myself cum 3 times in 30 min just thinking about it and that NEVER happens. She's only in the Vegas til early July then she says she's going back to Seoul for school.
I hope our paths cross again someday soon. 11/10 rating from me! Anyone who gets to see her is lucky as fuck!