Eurotouch AMP 425-743-6641 15332 Hwy 99 Ste 2 Lynnwood, WA

Stopped in to see Anna last week at Eurotouch. Nice looking middle aged Korean provider. Nice natural soft and supple size Bs with a super tight box. Showered at home so I skip the TS. Went straight onto the main event.We got naked together followed by BBBJ semi deep throat. Follow this up with a nice short session of standing mission. Hannah probably just left work. I could barely get it all the way in there. All of about five minutes to load after the shower for a quick cleanup together and out the door with a nice cool bottle of water. House is 60 bucks tip of 140 I’m going back there again tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you she has shoulder length hair a typical middle-age crazy face and a super petite body. With a nice ass.
I normally only play covered but couldn’t resist this time. Probably why I didn’t last more than a few minutes
The days of Candy, Cici, Mink, Bonnie and many others are gone, but Anna is a step in the right direction. Her face suggests to me that she is in her 40's but her body suggests she may a little bit older. She is very thin with thin legs but the waist belly area shows a little cushion, likely due to age and having childern.

After the intro we proceeded to the TS. While she was scrubbing me down,I noticed she was making sure my asshole was very clean, which is a good sign if you are into getting your ass licked. There was a little more soapy stroking and teasing as well. After a couple minutes in the sauna we were back to the room.
She had me lay face down then pulled my hips back, spread my ass cheeks and started licking my ass. I know she was using her tongue because I could feel her hands on my ass. Plus I could see it in the mirror. She did that for several minutes, then had we turn over on my back pushed my legs and started licking my taint and sucking on my balls. She played w my asshole w her finger while do that. I was in heaven. She slid a condom on w her mouth and gave a CBJ, I thought it was odd she wanted me to be covered for a BJ after feasting on my ass, but I didnt care. I almost felt obligated to return the favor so I did. She controlled where she wanted my face until she came. For the main event we did Missionary, Doggie and I then rode me in Cowgirl for a long time. She didnt get tired but she did switch back and forth from CG to ACG a couple times. I finshed there and she even kept riding w the bag full to make sure I was drained. She cleaned me up and told me come see her again tomorrow and we both laughed. I was on my way shortly after very satisfied.

Anywhere Anna may lack in appearance (I mean that in nicest way possible) she more than makes up for with service. Hopefully ET will get more great service girls and return to glory.

$$$$ 60 house 140 provider. I always drop 2 Benjamins up front so as to eliminate the questions of what I’m looking for.
looks at an 8 with a great body