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Clean Shaven

Rolled in today to visit with Mink, greeted at the door by Cici. Mink was wrapping up another massage. MMS was cool, asked me to wait since she had told Mink I was waiting, after some back and forth I said Cici was awesome and I was happy to switch. MMS took the two Benjamin's from the table where i set them down and Cici enters looking great as ever. Grew up in the 70s, still have a think for the thicker eyeliner and more natural brows; don't get me started on the chicks with snails for eyebrows.

Oh, where was I. Off to the TS we go hand in hand. Great and very hot H2O TS with Cici pulling her dress thing up and climbing onboard for some back slides. Quick rinse and flip with more great scrubbing. Then a front nuru with an attempt to slide my very stiff unit in BB. Had to stop there as tough as it was. Told Cici if we get married we can go BB. She countered with an "ok, wedding night and every other week". Had to let her know that was ad deal breaker; her second counter was ok every weekend. We had some good banter and chuckles.

Next stop the dry sauna for a dry off by Cici and short warm up while she cleaned up the TS. Then. off to the room. Cici pulled the dress off and began with kisses and hugs. I had to tell her she is the only woman to ever get me off orally all by themselves without me assisting; this was last year. Cici drops to her knees and begins a great BBBJ; deep throat and all. As you know, I am not a BB guy, had to enjoy this for a couple of minutes before I ask for a cover.

More CBJ then on the the action. By now I'm at 110% full staff and ready to go. First up was about 10 minutes of standing K9 followed by standing Mish. Cici is very tight though her vagina is a little shallow. I could feel myself pounding her cervix on the deeper pounds. Finally she says I want to cum and begins to masturbate. Did she cum, I don't know, if she didn't she is a good actor. All the way down to contracting her abdominal and pelvic mussels the correct number of times as she would with an orgasm.

That was it for me, I dropped the load and held on to her still in standing Mish for a couple of minutes while she gently kissed my neck. Typical spray and wipe down of the unit, cool bottle of H20, and kiss as I headed out the door. Cici introduced me to Pepsi, wants a three way next time, as long is I bring enough $$$$. No massage today for me.