Kylie $360 Hour

I visited on Wednesday 3/2

Wow!!!!!! My first reaction to seeing Kylie! The Great reviews posted here were absolutely spot on! The very cute MMS greeted and showed me to waiting room behind a curtain and gave me a bottle of water.
Kylie came a few minutes later and man she is absolutely stunning! Dressed in light blue panties and bra she jumped into my lap, stuck her tongue in my mouth, grabbed my cock. What a welcome. She has the sexiest voice is very thin and super sexy. In that sexy voice she said "let's go down to my sexy dungeon"! Her room is cool because it has a shower. Before I could get anything off my cock was in my mouth, she gives great head. A lot of eye contact and loves pop it in and out...no better sound. We shower quickly where she asks if I like rimming and I say yes, so she cleans all the right places. Out of shower she sits me on couch with my back on wall and sucks and rims away. We move onto bed where she says put back on Wall and I will suck you and you can see my beautiful pussy in the mirror. WOW! Did CG, RCG Doggy and Mish. She says " can you cum in my mouth"? I say how about paint your face? She is so excited, says Yes Please! I finish on her lips and Cheeks. Then she massages me and we hang out. Highly recommend this place and especially Kylie, she is probably in her 20's. What an experience.
Face 10
Body 10


Reign of Terror
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1) There is already a thread about this place, they're a fucking advertiser for cripes sake.

2) Even if there wasn't there is no phone number in the title.

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4) Sounds like a fucking shill review anyway.