Double standards

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I met this woman in an after hours a while back. She's always asking if I have work for her. Every time I tell her what I need, she proposes something else entirely, which I neither want nor need.

Here's our most recent text conversation:

Her:Hey boo how are you?I wanted to link to a needed some help and I have someone I want you to meet

Her: How have you been btw? How's your health been?

Me:For the first time in 40 years I lost money on an event last night
Her'Omg really?

Me:Yeah. And the aggravation from people expecting a whole lot from me and then making my job harder rather than easier...

Her:See that's why you should have hired me as your assistant lol

Me:So I can have one more person who doesn't listen to me?

Her:Lmao I not only listen but I delegate task accordingly and act as your liason

Me:Write me a business plan and I will consider it

My website has a good bio, I do need to add my full resume but my references are great. I studied small business management at Bergen community college while working as a assistant project manager with the city of Englewood, NJI do administrative & development services, including business plans, as well as business audits. Like a full in depth look into business structure, my opinions, and that is esteemed consultants I work withAnd how does any of that relate to the issues I enunciated?

Me:I have 2 Ivy League degrees and upon graduation worked for the largest management consulting firm in the world at that time Arthur Andersen.I have owned my own businesses since 1968.I have been qualified as "An Expert in the Practice of Real Estate in New York" by The Bankruptcy Court of the United States, Southern District of New York.My website has over 1,000 first page Google search results.

Her:You said "write me a business plan" and I sent you the link to my website, where my services and prices are listed. One of them being business plan creation

Me:But the job isn't business plan creation. You would need to send a business plan to compete for the job. Essentially you are asking to be paid for your job interview. That's why you don't have one.And trust me, you really aren't qualified to get paid for writing business plans. You don't even have an example of one you wrote on your website so potential customers could see the quality of your work and know what to expect. It's the moral equivalent of "trust me, I do good work."I do have a job. Secondly, you have been complaining about incompetency.

Her:Sounds like if there was a business plan, there would be less of that. I said you should hire me as your personal assistant. I sent my website basically a resume. You responded asking for something the website I sent you states that I charge for. I don't do that for free lol that's a lot of workI have a portfolio that I send, and a plethora of grant proposalsAlso, I've been paid by my wall street based clients, as well as the city of Englewood, I'm actually overqualified

Me:So why didn't you just do it? Better yet, if you are such a good website designer, why can't you access it directly from your website. You are claiming to be an expert in too many things.

Her:Because I get paid for it

Me:It's your own website! I guess you get paid to breathe too.I get paid to read texts. You owe me $60Send me references from your "Wall Street clients" I've worked with MDs at most of the houses.

Her:Lmaooooo I should. listen if you need a personal assistant, I charge $150 a day starting, plus transportation if needed. I don't clean, and don't do errands such as laundry etc, I do administrative, note taking, responding to inquiries, etcI can only mention corporate current, which is the Nappr App , bc I have NDAsYou don't do NDA level work.Did you fall to see my resume?I clearly cannot say who lolSee,

Me:here's the difference:
My consulting rate is $400/hr. If you were what you claim to be you wouldn't be charging housemaid rates

Her:That's great? A middle age white man who is twice my age, that somehow climbed out of legal hole that most ppl in general wouldn't be able to half way stomach should be doing something

Me:Your resume is just word salad

Her:As are these message

Me:Ah, racist attacks. Now I see who you are.You should show more pics of your ass on your professional website. Because that's what Wall Street firms go for in a business consultant

Her:Because your own reputation is so better. Listen I wasn't messaging you got any advice, help, criticism, or anything. I have a female that MAYBE you can help. MAYBE you can. I definitely do not want to mesh business things with you on my end she needs your help, not me.

Me: I can't help anyone who I know nothing about. How much is she going to pay for my services?

And of course I never heard from her again. Because when I asked to get paid for what she herself recognized me as an Expert in thr field...